On playing your role

One of my favorite actors is Nicholas Cage. That’s because no matter what role he plays, he plays it extremely well. Whether he’s playing in Adaptation or playing in a movie like Face Off, where he acted so well, he can go from one character to another. With each one, he’s totally into the part. But of course, after that he goes home, and he’s ready for the next role.

In our lives we have to play our role to its best. The less we are attached to various people and situations, and the more hidden realities we discover within ourselves, the more we are able to function and play our roles to the fullest, and actually even change our role. You can say, “Hey! I want a new part.” Even in this life right now we can do that by simply changing our way of thinking and leaning into the lessons coming our way. If we choose to learn our lessons through the experiences we have, we start to see a totally different set of circumstances coming our way.

From the book What If My Soul Is Eternal And Heaven Is Everywhere by Craig Kimbrough
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