Today’s Positive Thought (We can move out of our boxes of limitation that we have created, and move into new wonderful possibilities)

Quite often we don’t realize it but even those of us who are positive can have ourselves trapped in boxes that we have created. This is nothing to be dismayed about when we find these boxes of limitation. Realizing that we have created them is a wonderful chance to move into our unlimited possibilities.

For example, there is a very upscale market near me where there are always beautiful women shopping. Because I pride myself on looking good and dressing nice etc. and because I have certain hangups I am working to get past, I never like to go there when I have been out working with my crew. I just feel so out of place in such a situation.

Well, the other day we decided to stop there for lunch and I ended up going in after everyone else. As I walked through the lot I looked down at my dirty work boots and thought “what am I doing going in here like this?” Then I said “wait I am a successful contractor, living well and serving my clients quite well.” I said “this is quite attractive.” I thought about another time when I thought a similar thought and a beautiful woman came up and began to flirt with me. I looked down at my dirty work boots with pride and walked with a confident stride, feeling that I look just as good as when I am there in the evening and nicely dressed. Then right when I was in the midst of these wonderful thoughts, I saw a very attractive woman walking toward me. I went back into my mode of not wanting to be seen in dirty work gear and walked to the other side of the lane so our paths would not cross. But to my surprise this attractive woman crosses the lane and walks directly toward me. I then try to avoid eye contact, and to my surprise again she is looking at me smiling in a flirtatious way. She says hello and keeps looking at me smiling. I smile and speak. After we pass one another I look back to see her looking back at me still smiling and flirting.

I thought to myself “what in the world was that?” It was like I was being challenged and shown that just that slightest thought of still being attractive even when I am in dirty work gear changed everything, in spite of my other limiting thoughts that were still present. This was not the first time I had this experience of temporarily embracing a higher thought and having it move into manifestation even without totally accepting it. It has happened many times. And by the way since then I now see myself as successful and attractive even when I have been out working with the crew and still quite dirty.

So this is my question for you. What boxes have you placed yourself in? Try to embrace yourself being outside of that box. If you can even on the slightest level you will be surprised as to what happens next.


Craig Kimbrough
for Positive Guru Blog

6 Replies to “Today’s Positive Thought (We can move out of our boxes of limitation that we have created, and move into new wonderful possibilities)”

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Yes we do limit ourselves Craig. And as you said it can usually be put down to a self worth issue. We need to understand why we feel that way about ourselves and realise that we are perfect exactly as we are. A big journey, but like all journeys it just takes one step…and your on your way. Thank you for sharing a limitation that we all have in one way or another, and a path beyond it. Namaste

    • Craig Kimbrough and Meditative Zone

      Thank you Mark. I am glad that you liked the post. And you are so right we are all have these self worth issues that come out in so many different ways. And the truth is we are all perfect and have to come to realize it. Thanks again for commenting. Peace and Blessings

  2. janonlife

    Your words are so very true, Craig. I’m glad you’ve broken out of that box, and hope you get many more admiring glances from the lovely ladies. I’m in a box marked ‘old’ since I passed 60. Time to climb out, I feel… 🙂
    Thanks as ever for your inspiration.

    • Craig Kimbrough and Meditative Zone

      Hello Jan. I agree. Life is meant for living and if we start to think of ourselves as old etc. we will find ourselves not living, enjoying, expressing as much as we can. I also believe we are as old or young as we think we are and our bodies and world responds according to these thoughts. Thank you so much for the well wishes on my journey and for sharing your story. I am glad to hear that you are going to break of your box also. Peace and Blessings my friend.


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