On playing your role

One of my favorite actors is Nicholas Cage. That’s because no matter what role he plays, he plays it extremely well. Whether he’s playing in Adaptation or playing in a movie like Face Off, where he acted so well, he can go from one character to another. With each one, he’s totally into the part. But of course, after that he goes home, and he’s ready for the next role.

In our lives we have to play our role to its best. The less we are attached to various people and situations, and the more hidden realities we discover within ourselves, the more we are able to function and play our roles to the fullest, and actually even change our role. You can say, “Hey! I want a new part.” Even in this life right now we can do that by simply changing our way of thinking and leaning into the lessons coming our way. If we choose to learn our lessons through the experiences we have, we start to see a totally different set of circumstances coming our way.

From the book What If My Soul Is Eternal And Heaven Is Everywhere by Craig Kimbrough
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Today’s Positive Thought and Poetry (I close my eyes)

I close my eyes and I see a group of school children who need uplifting.

I see myself gliding above the clouds, while all is being taken care of.

Everything I ask about is answered while I sit here amazed.

I hear the inner music and I feel so at one.

I see incredible visions of the distant past and future possibilities.

I get warnings telling me “watch out, stop right here, don’t move.”

I get visions showing me “this is what it will be like if you get the courage to forge ahead.”

I am blessed in ways one could only imagine in their wildest dreams.

Craig Kimbrough
for Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Metaphysical Thought (Do whatever it takes to maintain nirvana or the heavenly experience)



It’s not enough to have heavenly experiences here and there, nor is it enough to simply meditate once a day, not if you truly want to transform your life and experience nirvana and heaven in all places. In order for this to occur you have to have your focus on the higher things at all times or as often as possible.

So even when we are in the midst of other activities our minds should be on the eternal and the magical ways of the universe. If we take time for books of a spiritual nature, deep conversation, chanting our mantra, and uplifting movies, our meditations in the lotus position will be much more effective. Our subconscious will also act on what it has been programmed by all day. Focus on miracles and beauty you get miracles and beautiful situations. Focus on problems and competition and you get more problems, competition and worries.

Craig Kimbrough
for Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Thought and Poetry (Perhaps I am ready)

What is my next move?
Where do I go from here?
Where will I be most happy?

What does my destiny look like?
Where do you you want me to go?
Please talk to me and show me the way?

Can you show me in a dream?
Can you show me right now?
However you give it to me, I will be glad to receive it.

I will let go of my own thoughts,
let go of my own ideas.
I just need you to show me the way

I just want to be truly in touch.
I want to feel it at all times
I want to be at one

I want to be back in my place
I want to share the light,
give the light, be the light

This is what I want my life to be about
This is how I want to spend my days.
I let go of all else.
Perhaps I am ready

Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Poetry (Something you want to have happen)

You have something
you want to see happen

The question is
can you simply allow it to come into being?

Simply allowing your dream to come true
is not giving up on your dream

It is truly the fastest way
to see it come about

When you learn to dance with the universe
you see how what you want most is trying to come your way

when you see it trying to come your way
you learn to be still and look for the signs

changing your mind and following the signs
is an incredible secret

it’s like deciding to stop driving in circles
and allowing GPS to show you the way

if you can be still and listen
your next step looks like a wonderful dance

it appears graceful and quite beautiful
full of incredible steps

But we know it started
with you learning to be open

learning to approach life
in a brand new way

asking what is my next move
and then letting the answers show up in your world

in the meantime the watchers by are amazed
and so are you

you just pulled off
the impossible

Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Thought (We can move out of our boxes of limitation that we have created, and move into new wonderful possibilities)

Quite often we don’t realize it but even those of us who are positive can have ourselves trapped in boxes that we have created. This is nothing to be dismayed about when we find these boxes of limitation. Realizing that we have created them is a wonderful chance to move into our unlimited possibilities.

For example, there is a very upscale market near me where there are always beautiful women shopping. Because I pride myself on looking good and dressing nice etc. and because I have certain hangups I am working to get past, I never like to go there when I have been out working with my crew. I just feel so out of place in such a situation.

Well, the other day we decided to stop there for lunch and I ended up going in after everyone else. As I walked through the lot I looked down at my dirty work boots and thought “what am I doing going in here like this?” Then I said “wait I am a successful contractor, living well and serving my clients quite well.” I said “this is quite attractive.” I thought about another time when I thought a similar thought and a beautiful woman came up and began to flirt with me. I looked down at my dirty work boots with pride and walked with a confident stride, feeling that I look just as good as when I am there in the evening and nicely dressed. Then right when I was in the midst of these wonderful thoughts, I saw a very attractive woman walking toward me. I went back into my mode of not wanting to be seen in dirty work gear and walked to the other side of the lane so our paths would not cross. But to my surprise this attractive woman crosses the lane and walks directly toward me. I then try to avoid eye contact, and to my surprise again she is looking at me smiling in a flirtatious way. She says hello and keeps looking at me smiling. I smile and speak. After we pass one another I look back to see her looking back at me still smiling and flirting.

I thought to myself “what in the world was that?” It was like I was being challenged and shown that just that slightest thought of still being attractive even when I am in dirty work gear changed everything, in spite of my other limiting thoughts that were still present. This was not the first time I had this experience of temporarily embracing a higher thought and having it move into manifestation even without totally accepting it. It has happened many times. And by the way since then I now see myself as successful and attractive even when I have been out working with the crew and still quite dirty.

So this is my question for you. What boxes have you placed yourself in? Try to embrace yourself being outside of that box. If you can even on the slightest level you will be surprised as to what happens next.


Craig Kimbrough
for Positive Guru Blog

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