Today’s Positive Thought (We can move beyond our problems into our mystical state of being)

uite often life’s tough problems are going to shake us up. It happens to the best of us. Even Jesus when he was on the cross he cried, “Father, father, why has thou forsaken me?” At first he was looking at his situation from a material standpoint, thinking, “I’ve done all this good for all these people, and now look at how I’m being treated. I don’t understand this. God where are you? Why are you allowing this to happen?” Then the story says, he reflected and said, “Thy will be done.” He realized that this is something that was meant to happen. This comes with the territory. This is what happens when you shake up the establishment in the ways in which he did at that time. When he remembered, he went back into mystical consciousness and was above the entire situation. He even began to comfort the man next to him on the cross. We saw a similar situation with Dr. Martin Luther King when he said, “I might not get there with you, but that’s alright because I have seen the Promised Land.”

Note Jesus also said “these things I do you can do and greater.” No matter what your cross may be, when you reflect and remember that God and the entire Universe is with you, and all is in perfect order, you can also move into your mystical state and be above the entire situation while you do whatever it is that you must do.

From the book Wise Words
by Craig Kimbrough and MeditativeZone

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