Today’s Positive Poetry (Everywhere you go)

Sometimes it can be amazing
the things the Universe will do for you

When you find this happening
keep to the ways of the mystical path

If you remain close to the center
you will enter a world most do not even know exists

Once you enter this new world you now know
that all the magical legends are true

You may have thought that
you believed in them before

But now you know back then
it was only a far off dream

Even if you could see it clearly
Somehow you forgot that it was real

Not wanting to lose again
you say “I have to hold on to this!”

Knowing that holding on to this is simple
you vow to stick to the way

And now you meditate all day long

You can see harmony in all your steps

You focus on the good and good alone

You walk through life like the Universe has your back

You let go of what they think and who you are

You allow yourself to become an instrument

God’s signs are everywhere you go

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Ambassador Blog

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