Today’s Positive Poetry (On dreams fulfilled and unknown destinies)

All the great masters say
there are wonderful worlds awaiting our arrival

The question we must ask ourselves is
Which one will we choose to enter?

Are we going to live where we have always lived
or enter into a land of dreams fulfilled?

Will we move into the land of our dreams and
are we open to our incredible unknown destiny?

Sometimes we have to be open
to where the Universe wants us to go

Sometimes we get a glimpse
but can’t see the full view

Sometimes we must leave our old world
to stumble upon new wonderful places

And I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth
and I saw Heaven spread across the Earth

But first we must upgrade
our meditations

We must let go of that
and focus on this

When focusing on this
becomes the priority

We see all our dreams and destinies
are already in existence

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Todays Positive Poetry (Now is the time)

Now is the time to be who I want to be.

Now is the time to share peace and love everywhere I go.

Now is the time to focus on what really matters.

I have a destiny to fulfill.

Now is the time to live in light of all the teachings and march confidently towards my dreams.

No time for worrying about this and trying to fix that.

Now is the time to prove that happiness is the way.

Now is the time to chant my mantra and address any challenge at hand.

Now is the time to drop my guard and say “this is me I am not perfect, and yet I am here to serve.”

Now is the time to meditate and simply be.

Now is the time to thank the Universe for all I have been taught

In this process I let go, and am revealed how I am to serve.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Ambassador Blog

Today’s Positive Poetry (Everywhere you go)

Sometimes it can be amazing
the things the Universe will do for you

When you find this happening
keep to the ways of the mystical path

If you remain close to the center
you will enter a world most do not even know exists

Once you enter this new world you now know
that all the magical legends are true

You may have thought that
you believed in them before

But now you know back then
it was only a far off dream

Even if you could see it clearly
Somehow you forgot that it was real

Not wanting to lose again
you say “I have to hold on to this!”

Knowing that holding on to this is simple
you vow to stick to the way

And now you meditate all day long

You can see harmony in all your steps

You focus on the good and good alone

You walk through life like the Universe has your back

You let go of what they think and who you are

You allow yourself to become an instrument

God’s signs are everywhere you go

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Ambassador Blog

Today’s Positive Reminder… If You Take One Step God (The Universe) Takes Two

When things look impossible we must remember if we take one step, God takes two. Even if it looks as though the resources we need are not there, if we move forward and don’t look back, the resources will show up. We just have to make sure the path we are on is the path for us by keeping an open mind and leaving room for the universe to inform us of any changes in plan or route as we move forward.

From the book Wise Words
By Craig Kimbrough

More on being a king or queen in Heaven (A dream interpretation from Craig’s Journal)

I was getting off the yellow school bus and the feeling I had, was so good, it was unbelievable. I felt like pure bliss as I got off talking to my friends. As this was happening I somehow knew I was in a dream. I began to say to myself, “I know this feeling. I feel magically in touch with the Universe like I am in the field, one with everything. Why do I feel so good?

Then I found myself just beginning to get some understanding. “This feeling means I am getting the lesson. But what is the lesson? I was also remembering another dream while thinking about this, while still in this dream. In the other dream I was in school struggling and feeling lost. But not this time it was the opposite, and the sequel to the other dream. I felt like nothing can touch me, like life is incredibly good and I am one with the source of all good. What is the difference here? I have obviously gotten the lesson, but what is the lesson?” Then I continued to see myself getting off the bus feeling incredibly good as I heard a voice in the background saying, “remember you are a king in Heaven the place of your highest good and things are working out in ways that you can’t even see at this moment, and it’s gonna be easy.” It was a quote from my latest book and my lesson to remember as I go through the rest of my life.

My job in life is to remember this higher truth, and live and act accordingly, no matter what challenging lesson or test may come about. When I remember that I am a king, in Heaven, the place of my highest good and things are working out in ways that I can’t even see at this moment, I will be a master student totally enjoying this school of life. And to my wonderful surprise. Whatever it is that it is going on that needs to be taken care of at the time will be taken care of and it will be quite easy.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

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