Today’s Positive Poetry (On dreams fulfilled and unknown destinies)

All the great masters say there are wonderful worlds awaiting our arrival The question we must ask ourselves is Which one will we choose to enter? Are we going to […]

Todays Positive Poetry (Now is the time)

Now is the time to be who I want to be. Now is the time to share peace and love everywhere I go. Now is the time to focus on […]

Today’s Positive Poetry (Everywhere you go)

Sometimes it can be amazing the things the Universe will do for you When you find this happening keep to the ways of the mystical path If you remain close […]

Today’s Positive Reminder… If You Take One Step God (The Universe) Takes Two

When things look impossible we must remember if we take one step, God takes two. Even if it looks as though the resources we need are not there, if we […]

More on being a king or queen in Heaven (A dream interpretation from Craig’s Journal)

I was getting off the yellow school bus and the feeling I had, was so good, it was unbelievable. I felt like pure bliss as I got off talking to […]