Bridging the gap between positive and metaphysical sayings

I grew up hearing positive type people saying “whatever you can conceive and believe you will achieve” It was always a catchy statement and sounded very positive. I guess on some level I believed it and I took it to mean aim for the sky, follow your dreams.

When I got a little older I began to stumble upon another saying, in which the first part is in the Bible. “As a man thinketh so is he, as a woman thinketh so is she.” Meaning not only is it true that what you believe and conceive you can experience, but the things we think about, our focus, becomes our reality. In other words what we focus on, bad or good, turns into what we believe and conceive about the world. The more we believe it, the more likely it is to happen, and is ultimately achieved.

Then my meditation teacher Mr. Ambrister would say “where you go in the hereafter, depends on what you go hereafter. Still the same concept with more added. The things we do. The way we live. The things we think about. The things we watch and say, duplicate and multiply. Watch movies about fear and worry, and have worry show up in your dreams at night, and ultimately in your daily waking dream, or life. Go to a book selling convention in Chicago, and pretend like you already have a book store, and money shows up out of nowhere for you to open it. Always talk about divorce and experience it. Always talk about wonder, and magic seems to be everywhere you go.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

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