Bidging the Gap (The more we go within… and The Wind Rises )

The more we go within and become accustomed to the realities of the other world, the more we begin to understand that this is where everything comes from. We also realize this is the most beautiful sight a person can see. But it takes time and time again, going within and actually seeing these other worlds to have a clear vision.

Form the book What if My Soul is Eternal and Heaven is Everywhere
By Craig Kimbrough

In the wonderful movie The Wind Rises Jiro Horikoshi, the Japanese aviator engineer, would get ideas and information from dreams and visions. He would meet up with a mentor in this other world and talk to and learn from him also. After coming out of a dream he would go back to the drawing board to work on his planes. Quite often he would not be able to get the plane the way it was in the dreams right away. But he would keep going back into the dream state over and over again until he could see and understand flight more clearly.

This is how we have to be on the spiritual and meditation path. We must keep going back to the source both in dream and meditation to understand deeper and deeper how we must be in this world, and better understand all of the wonders we find within.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

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