Today’s Positive Thought and Poetry (I am thankful for this moment) I am thankful for this moment I know that through it I am being led beyond who and what I have seen myself as being. I know that you […]

Bridging the gap between positive and metaphysical sayings

I grew up hearing positive type people saying “whatever you can conceive and believe you will achieve” It was always a catchy statement and sounded very positive. I guess on […]

Bidging the Gap (The more we go within… and The Wind Rises ) The more we go within and become accustomed to the realities of the other world, the more we begin to understand that this is where everything comes from. We […]

Today’s Positive Thought (if you can lightly decide something is going to happen you will be surpised) I was out working with my gutter and window business and it started to rain. It was pouring real hard. I don’t know, why but I told myself, “man […]