Today’s Positive Question (What if?)

Most of us think of Heaven as being this place way off in the cosmos: the place we go to when we die. It’s the position that I just can’t seem to get to, or the situation I keep trying to experience and every time I get there somehow it escapes me. This is how we think of Heaven.

But what if Heaven is right here, right now, wherever you are in this moment, if you can see it? What if that’s the case? What if all this running I’ve been doing, trying to find my total peace and total happiness in this situation, in that situation is actually causing me to run away from my total peace, total happiness, and unbelievable abundance? What if there are incredible things trying to occur in my life and I’m blocking them by the way I see and approach the world? What if there is much more going on behind the scenes in my life than I realize? And what if everything is constantly occurring to try to improve my vision, so I can understand the fact that I’m in Heaven right now?

What if I could be so in touch with the universe that I could get the answer to whatever I wanted to know about anything, at any given time? What if my being so connected supplied just the right set of circumstances coming my way to achieve all the things that would bring me into that heavenly position that I’ve so longed for? What if I am a mini replica of the universe and there are higher realms within me I can visit in meditation? What if all it takes is for me to actually tap into myself and go deep enough to see this magical kingdom that’s been waiting for me all the time?

What if this is what’s going on with all of us? We’re in Heaven and we just don’t know it. Happiness beyond our wildest dreams is waiting on us. What if everything that’s happening is trying to get us to realize it? What if all the events in our lives are occurring in order for us to see the eternal through each situation? What if once we begin to meditate deeply on a regular basis, we see the light coming to us through all the events in our lives causing us to thoroughly enjoy every moment? What if when this occurs, life seems to become more and more incredible as we go along with unbelievable opportunities constantly coming our way? What if this makes us realize that even when a ‘bad’ thing occurs, it’s actually a good thing in the making? What if that good thing in the making is so good that other things have to leave in order for us to get to it? What if when you see life this way this is how it works for you? Heaven your highest good is right here right now and everywhere you go. What if when you don’t see life this way then it doesn’t work like this at all?

From the book What if My Soul is Eternal and Heaven is Everywhere
By Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Thought and Poetry (You have to burst open)

Everything changes
when I finally let go

I move from torment
right into peace

I have no concerns
of what they may do

and then I practice
the yoga of happiness

There are no thoughts
of how to react

or what I must do
to achieve my dreams

I let go of this
and any other cares

I Forget about this
and focus on that

I think of the beauty
to improve my focus

and thank the Universe
for all my gifts

I look for Heaven
everywhere I go

learn from a teacher
how to go within

A new path appears
I see it clearly

a wonderful high route
to fulfill my dreams

I stand on a brick wall
and it becomes a meadow

You have to burst open
to feel so free

Craig Kimbrough

Question for Craig (Lately I have been nonchalant about everything. I am not sure why?)

Lately I have been feeling very nonchalant about just about everything. I am not sure why. Even when it comes to music, which is my passion. I usually love making music, working with other artists, producing, and listening to music. It is usually a high for me, but not now. I am just wondering what’s up?

Craig: I know exactly what you are going through. I have had this experience. I felt like, “why be excited about making money? I’ll just spend it and then have to make more. Why waste time in a relationship? They come and they go. They start out good then they change, then you find another and it starts out good.” I felt like “if my ventures go good,ok so now what? There has to be more.”

You are experiencing what is known on the spiritual path as variag, the negative tendency. When this occurs, the same things that normally make you happy, no longer enthuse you. Believe it or not. this is a good thing. It is the reminder or realization that enjoying the situations in life for their own sake is not enough. What counts, is their relation in your life to your growth towards your oneness with the Universe, everyone and everything. You can even understand it intellectually, but during a bought of variag, intellectually getting it is not enough. You must feel it in your soul.

How do you get back, or better yet move forward enthused and alive? Dive into the spiritual. Meditate more, and deeply. Change your focus to the magic and harmony behind things. When you can see this, you will see the Universe, and be magically alive. So flood your mind with the spiritual. Watch movies on it. Listen to material on incredible possibilities. Talk about it. Make it your world. Once again, also take time to go within and connect with the positive vitality, the sound and light within. Do these things, and you will be more alive than you can imagine.

Today’s Positive Thought (Things are working out in ways you can’t even see at this moment)

Remind yourself that you are a king or queen in Heaven the place of your highest good, and things are working out in ways that you can’t even see at this moment.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus was asked when will the kingdom come, when will we get to this heaven you are talking about? Jesus answered. “The kingdom will not come by expectation. The kingdom of Heaven is spread upon the earth, but men do not see it.”

Whether you can see it or not, you are in Heaven right now. Do not make the mistake of waiting until things turn out a certain way for you to be happy, and be the King or Queen that you really are. Be happy now and know that your happiness expressed multiplies. The happier you are now, the more the Universe finds new ways to make you experience even more happiness. Live your life like you are royalty and the Universe will make sure that this is your experience.

by Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Poetry (The banquet of light)

There I was at a most beautiful banquet
surrounded and infused by magnificent light

All the chairs, the tables and the people
were part of this great golden light

When newcomers arrived, I loved to explain
that this is their true essence

I was at this banquet and other places
both at the same time

The feeling that I had was so wonderful
It was difficult to imagine leaving

Everyone was staying for quite a while
yet I wondered “will I stay or will I go”

In the meantime I heard it said
that I will soon be departing

“You must live, you must live, with more knowledge
of the incredible light”

Next I was sitting trying to remember
everything I could of this magical banquet

I remember the sound of the Aum vibration
ringing so loudly the whole time I was there

I remember my questions before meditation
and how much I needed to share upon my return

“What do we embrace
when we have to leave this earth?

We embrace the light, we embrace the love
and all the magic of the new realm

How will I express
my greatest passion in life?”

Remember what you have experienced
and what you have to give

What do I have to give
is it the knowledge of our true essence?

Just like at the banquet
will I speak of the light?

Now with all my answers
I speak into my recorder

“There I was at the most beautiful banquet
surrounded by magnificent light

By Craig Kimbrough and Meditatiave Zone
For Positive Ambassador Blog

Today’s Question for Craig (How do I heal my shadow self?)

Question: How do I let go of emotions that come up during meditation? and How do I heal my shadow self? This is something that I really need to do, heal my shadow self and all the emotions that are tied up in it.

Craig’s Answer: My first suggestion to healing your shadow self is not look at it as needing healing. Look at the process as a marvelous journey in which you are moving deeper and deeper into your authentic self, your higher self, one moment at a time. Look for lessons in each moment and remind yourself this is the perfect moment for you to get your lesson and move deeper into the experience of Heaven here and now. Make getting the lesson the main objective in life.

For example, I saw a movie the other day. Initially I did not like it and started to walk out. But I decided I would get a message in this movie, and chose not to leave until it came. I repeated my mantra in my head to help clear my mind and get my message. Then it came. My message was to remember to make things less about me and more about those who I am here to help. To work more on letting go of my ego as I approach the world. As I got the message I saw ways I could actually improve upon this in my world.

The next morning I randomly opened up my latest book I’ve been writing, for a message. My message was not to worry about what the other people in my world, my movie or dream, think about me, just focus on my lesson. It seemed to be part of a theme of I’ve been getting lately on shedding my ego. Shortly after getting my message, I went to drop off my 7 year old son Jordan at school. I had just found out he had lost his gloves again. Without his gloves he would not be able to go outside for recess.

When I got to his class I found two pairs of his gloves and a hat. I was telling his teacher “here it is, not just one but two pairs and a hat” while shaking my head. I could tell Jordan was embarrassed and felt bad as we talked.

As I left I kept thinking about how he must have felt. I, the one who was supposed to be in his corner, was criticizing him in front of his teacher and friends. I thought about going back and talking to him, but I did not want to have to have the secretary take him out of class to talk to me. I am up there a lot, and felt like the staff would be like “here he is again.”

As I drove off, I tried sending good thoughts to my son in my mind, but a thought ran through my mind. “I have to go back and talk to him.” As soon as I said this to myself I felt sensations I get when I know what I thought came from on high. I could hear the Aum vibration, and I could barely feel my body. Then I suddenly became excited. I thought, “this is a chance to move into my lesson, and not worry about the staff, the other people in my dream, think about me as I do it. I will go help my son regardless of what any one thinks, because it is not about me.” It is about him, the one I am to serve. So I went back to the school.

When my Jordan came out he was happy, so I did not make it a big deal. I just reminded him that I was proud of him and think that he is great. My mission was complete.

If you want to heal your shadow self or move beyond your ego, do it one moment at a time, reminding yourself that you are an instrument of the Universe. Ask and be open to what the Universe wants for you to learn and do. In the meantime continue to meditate as you have been taught. When doing so, remind yourself prior to meditating that all is well, and you are in the perfect place to get the lessons that will make you and yours most happy.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Metaphysical Thought (What does the person who is where you want to be look like?)

Forget about where you want to be and focus on who you want to be. What does the person who is where you want to be look like? How do they live their life? How would that person with those great attributes be living if they were suddenly placed in your world? Think about this and be honest with yourself. Pretend like you are that person, the new you, the possible you. Be that person right here, right now, in any and every way you can, in each and every moment you can. Practice this daily and you will find you are thoroughly enjoying your life, and that place you were trying to get to will magically show up.

Craig Kimbrough
for Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Poetry (They say it’s a long long road. Maybe it is, and maybe it is not)

When will I finally get the relationship I deserve?

When will I get that perfect job?

When will I finally get my business the way I want it?

When will my dreams finally come about?

They say, “it’s a long, long road to Tipperary”

But why am I told that it is so far?

Tipperary is the place we most want to be

It is home. It is Heaven. But maybe we need to know it is quite far

Knowing my destination is far, I can let go of needing to be there

Not needing to be over there, maybe I can see the opportunity here and now

Fully being here is the beginning of the adventure

This moment is the secret door to where I want to be

See it as a gift and it will lead you to many wonderful places

Ask how can I give? and see your good magically appear

Forget about Tipperary and ask how am I to be in this moment?

Let go of what you want and Tipperary magically shows up

Why is this? Because this is the nature of things

You step into your adventure, and Heaven is here and now

Craig Kimbrough

for Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Thought (Sometimes you have to take your time and lay it on the line)

There is a time for everything. And in life I find it is a good policy to be as kind and agreeable as possible as often as I possibly can. It is good karma and good for all involved.

Having said that, we will also find that sometimes people may not appreciate what we are trying to do, or where we are coming from, and it comes out in their actions. We may have tried to get along and done all we could to make the situation work. We may have tried talking to them in subtle ways or even more direct. Sometimes we can even tell that they know how hard we are trying, but they still want to make things unnecessarily difficult.

If this is the case, it is no time to be upset. This is a time to be true, and get our lesson. And just what may be our spiritual lesson at hand? We may find that it is time to take our time and lay it on the line. In other words, we have to let the other party know just how we feel, and what we are prepared to do.

First we must let go of all fear and worry of possible outcomes, and let them know in no uncertain terms, “if you continue to go in this direction, this is what I am prepared to do. If you choose to go in the other direction, then this is what I will do.” We must lay it all out clearly, and be ready to act, no matter how uncomfortable we previously thought it would make us. We must treat this like it is our mission from God. As a matter of fact, when such a time arises, that is exactly what it is. It is a matter of now being true to ourselves and to our lesson, and letting the chips fall where they may. If we are sincere in our efforts, we will be backed by the entire Universe.

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