Today’s Positive Thought and Poetry (This is the perfect moment)


Look around you and say “this is the perfect moment.” Know that it is leading you exactly where you want to be if you can enjoy it and start improving on where you are now. Be thankful for this moment, and remind yourself how great things worked out before. Don’t say they have not, find a time in which they did. If you can’t find it in your own life, find it in someone else’s life, or in a movie that you love. Know that just as wonderfully as it worked out in your example, things will do the same this time. Remind yourself that at this point you have no idea what working out may look like. Just know that it will be incredible and you will enjoy every moment of it. Then meditate, get busy, and follow your signs. Remember your incredible adventure is here, and perfectly designed in this moment.

Craig Kimbrough

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