All the answers you will ever need are right here with you, waiting on you to see them, because God and The Universe is right here with us at all times whether we realize it, at the moment or not. Our job is to place our focus on this realization. The more we realize this. The faster the answer to any problem or perceived obstacle comes. The more we go within and the more we remind ourselves of such truths (we are one, God is with us, the answer is on its way) and let go of the problem, the more we will have the most profound answers from on high coming to us at lightning speed in the most uncanny ways.

A note: If the answer does not come with lightning speed at first do not be worried, this state may take time to develop. Just remain relaxed and know the answer or idea will come even if it is at the last-minute and keep moving forward trusting, meditating, being open-minded, and doing what you can to remind yourself of the wonders of the Universe. If you can do this, it will come.


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  1. Your are so right! When I am stressed or worried, I find that I have a really hard time focusing. There is a method to the madness, confusion and distractions keep us from our spiritual truths. When your mind and clarity is clouded, the answer that is either inside of us or right in front of us will look or become distorted. Thank you for the gentle reminder!

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