Dr. Martin Luther King and Meditation (from Craig’s Journal)

The great Dr. King

Years ago when I was about twenty one years old, I had an interesting experience. I was working in a school in the evenings as a custodian. It was around the time of Martin Luther King’s birthday. Everywhere I went in the school there were pictures of him and posters and write ups. I found myself thinking about him all that evening. When I took a break, I decided to meditate. Just prior to doing so I asked a question to myself. I wanted to know and asked, “how did he have so much strength to carry on such a movement?”

During meditation I saw Dr. King. And it was as though I became him, and I was at this point, Martin Luther King meditating. Then I felt all this bliss and knowledge pouring in. It was as if I was being told that he meditated and this gave him untold strength and knowledge.

A couple days later, out of the blue, my step mom Mom Aletha, gave me a book about Dr. King. To my surprise the writer said that Martin Luther King studied meditation under Mahatma Gandhi’s teacher while in India. I felt like this was the Universe magically confirming the information I received in meditation.

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  1. I love serendipity stories. This is an excellent one of good fortune. One that sticks out clearly in my mind is a story of the daughter of Emmet Kelly, Jr. (sad clown) traveling by air to her father’s funeral. She held in her hand the only picture she had or believe was ever taken of her father smiling as a clown. It was soon discovered that the photographer who had taken the picture was seated next to her at the time….chilling indeed are many stories of coincidental happenings or are there coincidental happenings? After all, it changed the course of your life . . .

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