Today’s Positive Thought (When you truly get the lesson you will be one with the father in Heaven even while here on earth)

Today I would like to share a dream I had during a time of struggle.  I was with one of my crews out working and we were on a roof and somehow I discovered I was way too high up.  I thought to myself “I own a gutter and window service, I am an expert, I don’t get myself into situations like this, what am I doing here?”  Somehow I knew I was dreaming, and decided I needed to come out of this dream.  So I did.  When I woke up, I knew that my dream was relating to my waking life, or better yet, this waking dream that I am now in.  I decided “now is the time for some answers.”  I was going through a rough time in my business life and right in the midst of all of that, I found myself seemingly out of the blue, beginning to have problems in my marriage.  I felt the same way I did on that roof except I knew that the answer was not to exit the dream and escape.

In my business life it was a tough year.  We got cut off right in the middle of our busy season and winter came early, making it very difficult to complete our jobs. We had a couple hundred customers waiting on account of bad weather.  I felt like everyone was rushing us, and some customers were upset.  With my wife, I did not know what was going on.  She seemed to be angry at times out of the blue.  The funny thing is I thought I knew how to handle both things, but in the back of my head, I knew that I did not quite get it yet, because I did not feel extremely good magically in touch with the Universe.  I had learned over the years that when I really get it, I suddenly feel incredibly good and can barely feel my body.  I feel like I am at one with everything and everyone.

As I laid there in the bed, thinking about my situations and my dream, I found myself once again talking to my teacher in my mind and doing a quick mini meditation.  Suddenly, I heard his voice in my head saying “if someone gives you a quarter and you don’t accept it, who has the quarter?”  “Do your best and leave the rest,”  and a whole host of other things.  I could hear the inner sound (Aum vibration)ringing loudly, I could barely feel my body, I felt so blissful and happy, I can’t truly describe it.  I said to myself now I truly get it.

The funny thing was, I had gotten all of these ideas and thoughts before about both situations, but I had not truly gotten the lesson until that moment.  I intellectually got it, but did not feel it in my soul in either situation, until then.  In that moment when I really got the lesson, it was as though the same information I got before was now coming from on high, and I could see it so clearly. When I became centered and truly got it, I was in my heavenly state of mind once again and there was no question in my mind whether things were going to work out.  As I look back, although there were many instructions and actions to take, the main thing was to trust the inner guide and get centered.


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