Today’s Positive Thought (This life is just a day of the soul)

Our souls and our spirits are immortal. Our deeper selves have been and will be in existence for eons. This life that we live is just a day of the soul. How long that day may last depends on us and what we need to express and experience. Just as we have dreams at night and waken to the day, so does the soul have dreams in the form of life times and then awaken to its light of day. Think of how many dreams and awakenings we have had.

Sometimes we remember our dreams, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we can be dreaming and know that we are dreaming because we are somewhat awake. Some of us even have visions of the soul before and after this particular dream we find ourselves in. If we learn to meditate deeply, we can see all these things within.

From the book Wise Words 

By Craig Kimbrough

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