Today’s Positive Thought and Poetry (Be open to the possibilities)

How can I say that I have been here before?

It seems to be a subject so few will embrace

Some would say such a notion discounts Heaven

But how can that be so if you remember that too?

Maybe I can explain what I have seen in meditation

a young girl trying to understand life

I could feel her thoughts and her emotions

So different than the way I feel today

Perhaps I can talk about the charismatic robber

whom I saw like watching a movie, getting killed in the end

Everyone watching was happy to see him go

but not me, I wondered, why do I like him so much?

Maybe I should explain my grandmothers passing

how I knew exactly when she would leave, and show up next

This was such a comforting thing at the time

And it all seemed to happen, just as I was told

Or perhaps I should say be open to the possibilities

and be careful of what I say

I don’t want to see the men in white coats

arriving at my door


Craig Kimbrough

3 Replies to “Today’s Positive Thought and Poetry (Be open to the possibilities)”

  1. V.A. Farria

    Hi Craig,
    I am so happy you are touching on the subject of past lives. I would love to talk about it more with others. But, you are right, not many people will talk about it. The first time I became aware of a past life, I was sixteen. It was pretty confusing. I did not want to accept that the person I saw was me. But I had the information and I could not deny it. It’s amazing when you tap into a past life. In my past life before this one, I know what my thoughts were when I was dying. As I was drowning, I was completely calm and welcomed death because I did not want to be abused anymore. I was raped by several solders. I also knew it was an accidental drowning. They did not intend to cause my death. When I was shown this past life, I was emotionally detached from the experience but I understood everything. I’ve experienced past life revelations during dream time and through meditation. Reincarnation is needed for soul evolution. Not many people can get it right in one lifetime. Well, that’s just my opinion. : )

    What’s your view on the Walk-in’s?


    • Craig Kimbrough and Meditative Zone

      Hello V.A.
      I agree that from what I have experienced and seen,one life is too short. We have many life times. Each life is like a day of the soul. Or another way of putting it is that each life is like a dream. We have many dreams and I have met many people who come to my classes who thought they did not have dreams. After teaching them how to remember their dreams they were quite surprised. They found out they were having these dreams that they had no idea that they were having. The same is true of the dreams of the soul. We have many and don’t remember them. In many cases this is a good thing. Many people are not quite ready or have the understanding that supports such information as of yet. That is part of the reason why I plan to share more information on these subjects so that if and when people begin to start to have such experiences they will hopefully be somewhat prepared.

  2. V.A. Farria

    One more thing Craig. It occurred to me that maybe the reason people are not talking about it is because they are not having the experience. Maybe we have to seek out others who are aware of their past lives. I hope your post opens the door for discussions on the subject.

    Love, light and blessings


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