Today’s Question for Craig (How do I stop my mind from racing during meditation?)

Question: When I meditate I find my mind is just racing. So although I am meditating, I am not meditating on what I should be meditating on Instead I am thinking. What do you suggest? How do I stop my mind from racing during meditation?

Craig’s answer: Here is a suggestion that can work very well. Just prior to meditating when you are sitting there, take a moment to tell yourself God and the Universe that all is well in your world. Give thanks for specific concerns, worries, hopes, working out in ways that you can’t even see at the moment. This will help keep the concerns hopes and worries off your mind during the meditation process. Then meditate and repeat your mantra etc. You should see much better results.

Today’s Positive Thought (we are all artists painting on the canvas of life)

In the book House of Happiness,Dr.Thind talks about two kinds of artists. One type has to have a person or landscape in front of them. Many of these artists are great and it takes a lot of skill to be able to put the picture on to canvas. And then he talks about artists who would meditate for weeks or months even, to be able to get a clear vision in their mind of what they are painting. And then they go to work.

We are all artists painting on the canvas of life. We can either look in the outside world and be inspired by a picture we want to paint and live our lives accordingly, adding or taking away what we may choose. And if we do this it may still take a certain clearing of the mind to paint the picture and live the way we would like. Or we can meditate and clear our mind until we can see the clear vision from the Universe in our minds of what it is we are to paint, and then live accordingly. In either case our job is to get busy and paint or sketch a masterpiece with our lives.

Today’s Positive Thought and Reminder (All the answers you will ever need are right here with you)

All the answers you will ever need are right here with you, waiting on you to see them, because God and The Universe is right here with us at all times whether we realize it, at the moment or not. Our job is to place our focus on this realization. The more we realize this. The faster the answer to any problem or perceived obstacle comes. The more we go within and the more we remind ourselves of such truths (we are one, God is with us, the answer is on its way) and let go of the problem, the more we will have the most profound answers from on high coming to us at lightning speed in the most uncanny ways.

A note: If the answer does not come with lightning speed at first do not be worried, this state may take time to develop. Just remain relaxed and know the answer or idea will come even if it is at the last-minute and keep moving forward trusting, meditating, being open-minded, and doing what you can to remind yourself of the wonders of the Universe. If you can do this, it will come.


Dr. Martin Luther King and Meditation (from Craig’s Journal)

The great Dr. King

Years ago when I was about twenty one years old, I had an interesting experience. I was working in a school in the evenings as a custodian. It was around the time of Martin Luther King’s birthday. Everywhere I went in the school there were pictures of him and posters and write ups. I found myself thinking about him all that evening. When I took a break, I decided to meditate. Just prior to doing so I asked a question to myself. I wanted to know and asked, “how did he have so much strength to carry on such a movement?”

During meditation I saw Dr. King. And it was as though I became him, and I was at this point, Martin Luther King meditating. Then I felt all this bliss and knowledge pouring in. It was as if I was being told that he meditated and this gave him untold strength and knowledge.

A couple days later, out of the blue, my step mom Mom Aletha, gave me a book about Dr. King. To my surprise the writer said that Martin Luther King studied meditation under Mahatma Gandhi’s teacher while in India. I felt like this was the Universe magically confirming the information I received in meditation.

Today’s Positive Poetry (I give over here. I give over there)

I give over here I give over there

This is what the universe tells me to do

What I get back it really does not matter

I just have to follow the instructions

One day I was meditating and asking God

What to do about this and about that?

How do I get all these things that I want?

At the same time I was thanking God for taking care

of all these concerns, and to my surprise

I heard a voice coming in, like check this out

I give over here I give over there

It caught me off guard and truly blew my mind

Then all kinds of instructions came up how to make it happen

I thought to myself man what an answer

Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Thought (This life is just a day of the soul)

Our souls and our spirits are immortal. Our deeper selves have been and will be in existence for eons. This life that we live is just a day of the soul. How long that day may last depends on us and what we need to express and experience. Just as we have dreams at night and waken to the day, so does the soul have dreams in the form of life times and then awaken to its light of day. Think of how many dreams and awakenings we have had.

Sometimes we remember our dreams, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we can be dreaming and know that we are dreaming because we are somewhat awake. Some of us even have visions of the soul before and after this particular dream we find ourselves in. If we learn to meditate deeply, we can see all these things within.

From the book Wise Words 

By Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Thought and Poetry (Be open to the possibilities)

How can I say that I have been here before?

It seems to be a subject so few will embrace

Some would say such a notion discounts Heaven

But how can that be so if you remember that too?

Maybe I can explain what I have seen in meditation

a young girl trying to understand life

I could feel her thoughts and her emotions

So different than the way I feel today

Perhaps I can talk about the charismatic robber

whom I saw like watching a movie, getting killed in the end

Everyone watching was happy to see him go

but not me, I wondered, why do I like him so much?

Maybe I should explain my grandmothers passing

how I knew exactly when she would leave, and show up next

This was such a comforting thing at the time

And it all seemed to happen, just as I was told

Or perhaps I should say be open to the possibilities

and be careful of what I say

I don’t want to see the men in white coats

arriving at my door


Craig Kimbrough

From Craig’s Journal (we can get peace, strength and back on track, through meditation)

I decided that I needed to talk to my guru Mr. Ambrister.  He made his transition about ten years ago, and at times I will see him in meditation or dream. These are cherished times that I appreciate and hold on to.  They remind me just how deep this life is.  Today was one of those mornings that I had the need to see him and know that he is still with me.  So when it was time to meditate, prior to repeating my mantra, I talked to Mr. Ambrister in my mind, just like he was in the room.

Within moments he was there with me, not in the room, we were at his house and then other places.   I could see him as I sat there with my eyes closed.  It was like I was in a dream and awake at the same time. The next thing I knew I was in a conversation with his teacher Dr. Thind, who was giving me some advice. Part of what I got from the conversation is that we are beyond time and space. You would think that I totally got that if I was talking to him, considering that he passed when I was about 2 years old, but what he was saying was so deep that I was just barely grasping it.  Shortly after that, I was with my teacher again, talking with him, first as I knew him as Mr. Ambrister, and then as he is now in a whole new situation.  I was with him there too in this new life and knew the role I was to play there with him.  It was pretty cool to see.

Here’s the thing.  I had a lot of things on my mind that I was quite concerned about before the meditation.  I had concerns both in my personal and business life that I must admit were beginning to get the best of me.  When I found myself with my teacher and his teacher, I did not get any direct answers as to what to do  about any of my problems.  At least not that I can remember.  But after being there and knowing once again that I am beyond time and space and that I have a special part to play in this life, all my problems seemed like nothing, and quite easy to move beyond.

Peace and Blessings