Today’s Positive Poetry (On letting go and winning the game)

Clouds over IL-RT50
Clouds over IL-RT50 (Photo credit: richardcox8592)

“How do you let go of the results while going after what you want?

They say this is a secret to many good things”

“Letting go of what happens next is the key to freedom

and what makes everything you want magically arrive

First you must realize that the goal is to act

To act in the light of what the Universe tells you

Next we must be open in order to hear

If your mind is not open you will miss the instructions

When you get your instructions your mission is to act

To do what you are told is being at one

If you are at one your mission is complete

Regardless of what happens you are winning the game”

Craig Kimbrough

I love discovering the mysteries of God and The Universe. My goal is to allow as much of the infinite to come through as freely as possible as I live my life as a father, husband, son, brother friend, meditation teacher, writer, and business owner. I teach meditation, interpret dreams, write, and try to share as much as I learn along the way as possible.

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