Today’s Positive Thought and Poetry (on the way to something much greater)

English: Deep in thought.......... Separate fr...
English: Deep in thought………. Separate from the remainder of the herd but with a wonderful view. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having traveled so far and seen so much, on this meditation path

I thought that I knew something

But even if I could manifest the very things I want

I would soon learn that I had only scratched the surface

Seeing God within is a marvelous thing

The Universe being revealed will blow your mind

Understanding enigmas is great and wonderful

You can talk about mysteries and lecture all day

Seeing the future and knowing what others think is great

but in the end this is only a station in our journey

It’s a necessary step on the path

on the way to something much greater


Can you be open enough to see the plan and play your part?

Can you let go of what you think you want for yourself and those you love?

Can you embrace and love the plan when it is not the way you would have chosen?

This is a great secret.  Can you hear it being whispered?

Can you see the whole thing as beautiful and be thankful?

Can you say “I am here, what is it that you want me to do?”

If so you are going deeper

The sun and wind are now your servants


Craig Kimbrough

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