Today’s Positive Thought (We create by thought and action)

THAW! (Photo credit: Rosa Dik 009 — on&off)

Years ago I had an interesting experience that I thought was worth sharing.  I had a serious problem with my gutter cleaning, and window cleaning business.  For the gutters, the fall season is like Christmas season is for retailers.  It is an extremely busy time, and counts for a large amount of the revenue of the business.  Everyone wants their gutters cleaned out one last time before it freezes. The idea is to wait for the leaves to fall and then remove the leaves from the gutters before the cold weather sets in and the leaves are frozen in the gutters.  This particular year it got cold and freezing early, leaving very little time to get to a large amount of our customers. We had a lot of people waiting and worried about the leaves still being in the gutters.  I was also quite concerned, for the customers, for the business, and for my income.

Then one day something interesting happened.  I was apologizing about the wait to one of my customers.  She replied “I’m not worried.  I am sure we are going to get a January thaw in a few weeks and you will just come out and clean the gutters during the thaw.”  I absolutely loved her attitude and what she said.  I decided to take this as my message from the Universe and run with it.  I began to tell all of my customers the same thing.  “I am sure we are going to get a January thaw and we will be out to clean out the gutters during the thaw.”  They were comforted by the message.

A few weeks later in January we got that thaw, but it was better than I could have ever imagined.  It stayed warm with higher than normal temperatures for the entire months of January and February, even going into the beginning of March.  We ended up getting to all of our customers who were waiting and even taking on more. It was amazing!  We would be out working and run into other contractors working outside, who were amazed also.  We would talk about how were all out working like it was spring.

As I look back I truly believe that when my customer made the comment about the thaw, it was an invitation from the Universe.  I was being asked to step into a wonderful world that was waiting on me, if I could act and believe.  When I chose to believe and act like it was coming, I was creating that world, or better yet I was walking into that world that was already there waiting on me.  I am also convinced that if I did not believe and act in light of the message and invitation, my experience would have been totally different.


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  1. I love it Craig! It’s so true. The ways things can work out for us is innumerable.
    Of course there are other possibilities, pick the one that feels good and be on the look-out for others following close behind. We are blessed beyond measure. Great reminder!
    Hope your holiday season is rolling along smoothly!
    Sending soothing, peace, ease and flow!
    Thanks for being you. 🙂

    1. Thank you Crystal. I am glad you like the post. You said it in a nutshell. Pick the possibility you want to experience and be open to more coming. And I agree we are truly blessed. Thank you for being you by the way. You are always so upbeat and positive. Peace and Blessings and happy holidays.

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