Today’s Positive Reminder (Do not hide your lamp up under a bushel)


Sky (Photo credit: monkeyatlarge)

Do not hide your lamp up under a bushel

We must remember that we are one with the light, meant to radiate that light.  This is part of the object of the meditation process both in the lotus position and in our walking meditation or daily life.

Recently I shared a story with my son Jordan about seeing God in action through people caring and helping one another.  Ever since then we have been talking about ways we can allow God to come through.  I told him that when ever you are kind or helping or serving others you have allowed God to come through. God the Universe, and our higher self is always there and when we think of others in a kind way.  God is now being allowed to be seen and come through.

I most recently saw this at my mother in-laws funeral.  There were so many people giving, just by being there showing love and support.  It was truly a beautiful thing.  At one point I could not stop crying because I literally was seeing God and the Universe coming through all the people who were there.  It was truly powerful.  As I go through my days, this is what want to do.  Give in whatever way I can, and allow God and the Universe to come through.


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