We have lessons and dreams in common

218 - Swim Lessons
218 – Swim Lessons (Photo credit: Jason Lander)

Years ago when I was with my first wife, I had an interesting experience.  I woke up from a dream and I looked over next to me and found her talking in her sleep.  To my surprise she was talking about the very dream I just woke up from.  I could not believe my ears as she laid there asleep still in the same dream I just awaked from.  I probably would not have ever thought of such a thing if I did not see it for myself.  Since then I have had many situations that have proven that we have lessons and dreams in common.

Most recently it happened with my son Jordan.  I thought about a story that I knew very well.   It was in the book House of Happiness by Dr. Thind.   He told a story that had three examples of seeing God in people in various situations. I found myself thinking about it in relation to a lesson that was going on my life.  I also considered that maybe I should share the story with Jordan. It is a simple story but yet quite profound.  I thought because of its simplicity he may be able to grasp the meaning.  Then I thought again and felt that maybe with him being only seven years old, he may be just a little too young to get the meaning or not even interested at this point in his young life.  Then to my surprise, out of the blue, my seven-year old son, begins to ask me when will he see God.  I asked him what made him think about that?  And he responded “I just want to see what he looks like, I can’t wait to see him, it’s going to be so cool seeing what he looks like.”  As I looked at him with this big smile on his face, I knew I was supposed to tell him the story that came to mind just a couple of days ago.

The interesting thing is the lesson I shared with him was a part of the same lesson I was getting myself, all over again, in deeper ways than before.  And it is part of the same lesson I was teaching to the meditation class in town and over the internet.  But that is how it is.  We have lessons and dreams in common, and if we keep our eyes open, they show up for us to learn and share everywhere we go.


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