Today’s Positive Poetry (On letting go and winning the game)

“How do you let go of the results while going after what you want? They […]

Today’s Positive Thoughts (Questions to ask oneself for a magical mystical life)

Ask yourself, why am I here?  What is this life about?  It there more to […]

Today’s Positive Thought and Poetry (on the way to something much greater)

Having traveled so far and seen so much, on this meditation path I thought that […]

Today’s Positive Poetry (you meditate to stay humble)

I once heard a wise man say, Ive got the stink on me With a […]

Today’s Positive Thought (We create by thought and action)

Years ago I had an interesting experience that I thought was worth sharing.  I had […]

Today’s Positive Poetry (Some say that life is a mystery)

I say look for magic everywhere you go If you continue to look it is […]

Today’s Positive Reminder (Do not hide your lamp up under a bushel)

Do not hide your lamp up under a bushel We must remember that we are […]

Today’s Positive Poetry (The inner music)

When my teacher first spoke about the inner music it sounded like a wonderful myth […]

We have lessons and dreams in common

Years ago when I was with my first wife, I had an interesting experience.  I […]

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