Today’s Poetry (A man who possessed a golden heart)

The symbol of The Golden Heart. The red triang...

The symbol of The Golden Heart. The red triangle represents the task of a human being: to become One. The two angles at the base symbolize duality, earthy life with her polarities. The angle at the top of the triangle symbolizes non-duality or Oneness. The golden heart and the reversed golden triangle represent the omnipresent Principe of God. The green and golden triangle refer to the treasure in the heart of the human being. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He came into my world somewhat unwelcomed

Like many blessings he came in disguise

Wearing camouflage pants and a motorcycle vest

How could I know that he had a heart of gold?

It took some time before I saw him

One day  I looked and he was in my corner

Even after we fell out big

There he was standing in support

As the years rolled by, I could see him much more clearly

This man who came and loved my mother

He also loved my sister, and loved me

and became a grandfather to our children

Everywhere he went they seemed to love him

People who saw beyond the camouflage pants

They saw a child, a father, a brother, a friend,

and a man who possessed a golden heart


In loving memory of Charles Toodle

By Craig Kimbrough

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  1. kkozak

    This is beautiful, and poetic, in more ways than one for me. Thanks teacher, so much, I really needed to hear this, and I am only able to see your text until I can get more technical help. I run on your words and memory of them for now.


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