Today’s Positive Thought ( Changing your life with dreams and karma)

This is taken from a post I did three years ago. It was my message for today and I thought I would share it with you. It turned out to […]

Today’s Poetry (A man who possessed a golden heart)

He came into my world somewhat unwelcomed Like many blessings he came in disguise Wearing camouflage pants and a motorcycle vest How could I know that he had a heart […]

A Positive Reminder and Poetry (When it comes)

It may come in way that is very surprising and somewhat other worldly. It may come in a dream, but when it comes it really strikes you, and makes you […]

Positive Poetry (When tomorrow becomes today…)

It is not until tomorrow becomes today that you will see your dreams come true If you can realize today is the day, you will enter a whole new dimension […]

Today’s Positive Thought (What is the story you are telling yourself?)

Whether you know it or not you are constantly telling yourself a story.  And whatever the story is that you are telling yourself greatly determines how you show up in […]

Today’s thought and poetry (Needing no thing from no one)

Needing no thing from no one, and trusting that the Universe will provide, I can enjoy my trip around the world How can I have a care in the world […]

Today’s Positive thought (Halloween is one of the most positive holidays)

Once again this year I was reminded just how positive a time Halloween is.  I took my youngest son Jordan trick or treating again this year and as always it […]