Today’s Positive Thought (What if your goals and dreams have already happened, and you now just need to move into them?)

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Let me tell you something that happened to me once. One day before I had my bookstore I was in my office meditating. In a dreamlike vision I saw myself owning a bookstore with people in it. I could actually see the people coming in and having conversations.

When I came out of meditation I sat there thinking about what I saw and how real it felt. Up until this point opening the store was just a dream for me especially since I had no idea where the money and resources would come from. I called my teacher Mr. Ambrister and told him about my vision. He told me that what I saw was real. He said that was my store in the future, but only if I continued to move forward with my dream.  Otherwise it would not happen and I would never meet the people who I saw in my store. This is when I had to ask the question, What if my bookstore is already in existence?

Now that I understand things better I would say if I did not continue on that track connected to my bookstore that was already in existence, I would not have had the experience of meeting those people who I had already met in the future. Instead I would move into a different future possibility that was already in existence without me owning a metaphysical bookstore.

After seeing my store within and being convinced that it was there waiting for me, I kept moving on that track. I even went to The American Booksellers Convention in Chicago with the name of my store on my name tag. I met with other bookstore owners telling them I was just about to open My Philosophy of Life Bookstore in Southfield Michigan, still not knowing how it was going to happen, where exactly it was going to be or where the money was going to come from. A few months later the money came and I opened the store. Some of the best friends I have, I met in that store. The people who helped me to obtain the money might say that was not metaphysical. That it was done with their help. But I say that seeing the place in advance feeling it was real and moving forward in that spirit helped lead to them changing their minds and making it a reality.


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    • Craig Kimbrough and Meditative Zone

      Thank you Eric. No matter how many times I have these types of experiences, they are always mind blowing. And I must say that sometimes the visions are hard to follow, especially when you don’t quite see exactly how they are going to come to life. This is when I have to remind myself that the desired outcome that I have seen within has already happened. I am using this particular experience in the post, to remind me to move on another inspiring vision that I had about a year ago that I need to really get moving on in order to see it come to life. Thanks again for commenting. Peace and Blessings


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