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  1. Craig, that is such a beautiful answer! I can feel the truth that we are in heaven now and we just need to develop that oneness with God that you talked about.

  2. I agree with Michelle. GREAT answer. When we hold that broader perspective, we can find the blessing and gift in each situation and have the ability to transform the world around us. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Have a blessed week-end!

  3. Beautifully written to the questioner Craig. It can be a difficult path to try to understand what is happening to you within, and finding someone you can actually talk to so that you can find empathy and understanding on this journey can be hard as well. But when a student is ready, a teacher will come. Be it a book, person or even the internet. Specifically, for myself, that understanding came slowly, simply because I wouldn’t have the wisdom to give from that place of truth, until that understanding is balanced in who I was within. Some events that happened to me were amazing, so I went off half cocked trying to fix the world not realising that that was the understanding, to know when to give from that understanding so that others would not find me threatening or coming from a place of loony tunes so they just switched off. When you are trying to help another you are giving them an understanding that they are only just hearing from you for the first time. And in that giving you are learning the art of sharing that wisdom. It is always a two way street. You are always shown your own fears so that you may heal those fears, so that you may give from a place of wisdom and understanding. And a journey that as you begin to really understand the self within, those fears are no longer a part of the place from where you give from. You are open, as there is no longer fears to block your giving, and everyone can ‘feel’ your openness, and the purity of that love you are now giving yourself which in turn is given to them. In some of the ‘events’ that were shown to me I was left in a state of total wonder and felt I was so high and floating for weeks after them. The reality of that was, I was only shown the most tiniest of things, as I would have been totally overwhelmed and unable to share properly what I was shown if the ‘events’ had been any bigger. As time has gone by and with the wisdom that I have developed, I am now able to take on more and more in my understanding and not be ‘unbalanced’ like I was in the early part of my learning. I do hope the questioner may develop that wisdom with a teacher of true understanding so that the beauty that is created within, may be shared, so all may know that truth. Namaste

    1. Thank you, Mark, I am glad you like the post and the answer to the question. I try my best to speak from the heart and can only hope that I am able to convey what is coming to me at the time. I really appreciate the questioner for allowing me to place her question on the site. I think there are many who feel the way she described. Also thank you for sharing your experience. We all need to hear each others spiritual lessons and journeys that have led us to where we are. Also thank you for the well wishes for my friend. Peace and Blessings, Namaste

  4. I’ve had similar experiences to the one who asked you about prophetic visions above. I’ve had a lot of prophetic visions and dreams as well as amazing synchronicities one after another since I began to practise meditation while I lived in the US. Indeed, most of them are negative. They sometimes make me a little fearful. I try not to talk much about these things with ordinary people any more because they would tend to think I’m out of my mind. Craig, you suggest practising a higher form of meditation to cope with these phenomena. My problem is that I can’t do meditation any more. I was told by a number of specialists including Dr. Bonnie Greenwell that I’ve been going through kundalini rising. It’s extremely powerful. I feel ok when I’m doing meditation, but I exhibit all sorts of physical symptoms, e.g. splitting headaches, cold and hot spots in the body, etc a little after I finish my meditation practice. The following day, I sometimes feel like I’m dying. Do you have any advice for someone like me as well?

    1. Hello my friend

      Back when I had my bookstore I would come across many people who practiced many different meditation techniques. Between those days and my days of teaching at the college and over the internet I have seen every technique you can imagine. Each technique produces different types of results. Over the years I have met and helped others who have gone through what you are going through. If you don’t mind I will also share this question and answer on the main page of the blog for anyone who may be going through the same thing either now or in the future.

      What you are going through is a result of a couple things. It is a result of the type of meditation that you were practicing, your being an advanced soul on the path, and not having or following proper guidance from a teacher with enough experience to help you move forward from where you are on the meditation path.

      Premature kundalini risng comes from focusing on lower force centers in the body. It does not happen to all who focus on lower chakras. But more often it happens when someone has an ability concentrate more effectively than most, practices a technique that places focus on lower centers without proper guidance. The powerful serpent like energy can burn through the centers and awaken certain forces before the student is advanced enough to be able to handle the results. It turns what should be a positive experience into a night mare.

      The cure for this is to learn how to focus on the upper centers only, with a suitable mantra, and the help and guidance of a meditation teacher who is very familiar with these matters. You will actually cool and restabilize your whole system. I have had students go form what you describe to never having those symptoms again and instead having wonderful meditation and spiritual experiences. I am not telling you this to say that I am great but instead to let you know that I am sure this can be turned around.

      With the highest form of meditation there is no danger of kundalini awakening prematurely and the problem is easily cured. The highest form of meditation starts from focusing on the sixth chakra in the forehead and continues to the seventh, at the top of the head. As you spiritualize these upper centers, the lower centers gradually open up, instead doing so in a rush. You still get all of the incredible benefits of opening the lower centers but only when you are physically, mentally, and spirituality ready. If you already began the opening prematurely, learning and practicing the process with a teacher who uses the highest form will do wonders. The spiritual sound and light within you will both cool and energize your body mind and spirit. If you go to the free meditation link at the top of the blog and join the meditative zone community, you can learn the process I describe. I also suggest that you contact me at 248-935-7049

      1. Thank you for your reply. Please go ahead and share my story with anyone interested in meditation and its pitfalls. I no longer live in the US. I could come and see you in person if I lived nearby. Excuse me. Anyway, what I’ve been going through is really powerful. It’s a shame that modern medicine can’t throw light on this process. I often feel some sort of energy moving through my body. It’s like a snake slithering up my body. In fact, a long time ago, I even saw a snake coming up to the fifth floor of a building or something in a vivid dream.
        You recommend focussing on the sixth chakra. I’m a bit confused. Different people say different things. A Chinese meditation teacher showed me that the proper way was to focus on the third chakra while an Indian Hindu monk gave me instructions to concentrate on the fourth or give up meditation altogether for a while. Your advice is more on the lines of Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama’s (the author of Theories of Chakras: Bridge to Higher Consciousness) suggestion that I came across somewhere on-line. I’ll find out what works best for me. Thanks.
        I might have given you the impression that all those symptoms I mentioned were triggered solely by meditation practices. I forgot to mention that a few months before I started doing meditation, I had a vision of ancient religious figures. Dr.Greenwell told me that those archetypal images must have appeared to help me see that I was going through a spiritual process. So initially the process most probably spontaneously occurred.

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