Today’s Positive Poetry (You Will Act Royally)

Heraldic badge of the Windsor Herald Blazon: G...

Heraldic badge of the Windsor Herald Blazon: Golden sun rays shooting upwards from a bank of white cloud, royally crowned. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am told I will act royally if I learn to let go

The Universe gives me a test to see if I have learned

These tests are seldom welcomed when they first occur

I react with anger, I am caught off guard

I ask the inner guide for some insight

Oh how I love some insight

I am reminded that I will act royally when I let go

And what do you know, the process begins


Suddenly what they say does not matter

I have let go of my need to be right

Suddenly what they do is not of great importance

It is only my move that counts

Suddenly I am free in this moment

There are many moves I can make

Suddenly I feel great peace and power

It is like I have been chanting om all day

Suddenly I have no worries

I have let go of the various outcomes

Suddenly I act in the best interest of all

I act royally as I learn to let go



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