Today’s Positive Poetry (Getting there is easy)

English: A Batter runs to first base attemptin...

How does one get to second base if he is truly stuck on first?

That’s easy, he must first let go of first base in order to get to the second

If he does not take his foot off first base, no matter how hard he may try, he will never reach the second.

How  does one move forward in life when she seems to be stuck in place?

That’s easy, by being willing to let go of what’s holding her back.

If we do not let go of what’s holding us back, no matter how hard we may try,

our intended destination will only be a dream.

How do I let go when what I am holding, has a hold on me?

How do I let go when letting go seems like it may hurt others?

How do I let go when the very thing I must let go of is the same thing I must move towards?

That’s easy, letting go is an inward act. There is no need to let go of anything outside until the proper time.

So let go of the idea of things turning out a certain way.

Let go of the need to be special or right.

Let go of tomorrow and truly be in the moment.

Make this part of your thoughts and meditations.

And you will act royally


3 Replies to “Today’s Positive Poetry (Getting there is easy)”

  1. Aurora Morealist

    I so believe that when we are ready the door or doors open for us. It’s timing. And processing. If we aren’t ready, the doors won’t appear. Then, when we are, there are thousands like portals to a new level of being. Ah well, I am but a work in progress. Going through one door at a time. Thank you for this, love the last line especially: And you will act royally.


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