Today’s Positive Question (How are you going to upgrade?)


My Youngest son Jordan, who is 7 years old, came into the room showing me a toy man.  The little figure now had fuzzy pipe cleaners wrapped around his shoulders and chest, of course added by my son.  Jordan said “this is Gargaman.  See I upgraded him.”  I said “I see, that’s pretty cool you upgraded him.” Jordan says “yea everything has to get an upgrade.”  I said “that is so true.”  And as I looked at the toy man with his orange and purple vest given to him for flight capability, I could see how having such a vest truly put him on another level, and I must say he looked pretty cool.  Afterwards all I could think about is “how am I going to upgrade my life?  What changes do I need to make for myself to be a better me in this world?

As I thought about this many answers came to mind.  I know that the upgraded Craig looks more free.  He moves more quickly on ideas and promptings that come from God and the Universe, without taking time to question or worry about the results of his steps.  I also think I could better use my time and step up my meditations in order to have the strength to be more this way.  Also I am  going to go back to using my Franklin day planner.  It’s been over a year since I have used it.  I was able to get much more accomplished when I was not trying to keep everything in my head.  These are just a couple things I see with the upgraded Craig.

My question to you is what are you going to do to upgrade?

What does the upgraded you look like?

What do you have to do to give better service, or better share your gifts and talents?

How are you going to be a better mom or dad, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, cousin or friend?

Are there any changes or modifications that need to be made in order for you to do this?

Once again I would love to hear what the upgraded you looks like and or what may come along with your upgrade, click on comments below to share.

Peace and Blessings


Today’s Positive Poetry (You Will Act Royally)

Heraldic badge of the Windsor Herald Blazon: G...
Heraldic badge of the Windsor Herald Blazon: Golden sun rays shooting upwards from a bank of white cloud, royally crowned. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am told I will act royally if I learn to let go

The Universe gives me a test to see if I have learned

These tests are seldom welcomed when they first occur

I react with anger, I am caught off guard

I ask the inner guide for some insight

Oh how I love some insight

I am reminded that I will act royally when I let go

And what do you know, the process begins


Suddenly what they say does not matter

I have let go of my need to be right

Suddenly what they do is not of great importance

It is only my move that counts

Suddenly I am free in this moment

There are many moves I can make

Suddenly I feel great peace and power

It is like I have been chanting om all day

Suddenly I have no worries

I have let go of the various outcomes

Suddenly I act in the best interest of all

I act royally as I learn to let go



Today’s Positive Poetry (Getting there is easy)

English: A Batter runs to first base attemptin...

How does one get to second base if he is truly stuck on first?

That’s easy, he must first let go of first base in order to get to the second

If he does not take his foot off first base, no matter how hard he may try, he will never reach the second.

How  does one move forward in life when she seems to be stuck in place?

That’s easy, by being willing to let go of what’s holding her back.

If we do not let go of what’s holding us back, no matter how hard we may try,

our intended destination will only be a dream.

How do I let go when what I am holding, has a hold on me?

How do I let go when letting go seems like it may hurt others?

How do I let go when the very thing I must let go of is the same thing I must move towards?

That’s easy, letting go is an inward act. There is no need to let go of anything outside until the proper time.

So let go of the idea of things turning out a certain way.

Let go of the need to be special or right.

Let go of tomorrow and truly be in the moment.

Make this part of your thoughts and meditations.

And you will act royally


Today’s Positive Thought (As soon as you are ready your situation magically appears) Bridging the gap

English: From Public Domain version of Autobio...
English: From Public Domain version of Autobiography of a Yogi, at: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“As soon as the student is ready to go to the ends of the earth to meet his guru, the guru magically appears.”  Parahansa Yogananda

In his book Autobiography of a Yogi Parahansa Yogananda told a story about how he magically met his guru Sri Yukteswar.  He had seen him before in a dream and magically met him when the time was right.  When I met my teacher Mr. Ambrister he came into my world exactly one week after I said to myself that I need a teacher to explain more about my meditations.

Let’s examine this more.  How can this be used in everyday life?  What if one already has a teacher or is not even on or headed to this type of path? Why is this important?  What does the teacher represent?  I will answer this question with another statement where we change the wording just a bit.

As soon as you are ready to do whatever it takes, your desired situation magically shows up. (The teacher represents the desired situation)

I have a new cell phone.  The speaker stopped working within days of having it.  I like to use speaker phone when I am driving with my business so I don’t need to hold a handset.   I took it in to Sprint and they tried but said they could not fix it.  They gave me a replacement twice. Neither replacement phone would work at all.  The second time they said to call corporate and ask for a whole new model.  They said I will have to bug them and ask for a manager and then keep bugging the manager.

I gave up and started using my phone without the speaker phone.  I started using ear devices when in the car and did not like them.  Finally, I said to myself “I am going to call Sprint right now and they are going to give me a totally different model with a speaker phone that works.  This is ridiculous I need my speaker phone.  I don’t care who I have to talk to I am not accepting no for an answer.”  Right then the phone rang.  I was in the car, and something told me that if I tried the speaker phone, it would work.  I turned on the speaker and it did.  It has been working ever since. I was reminded that. . .

As soon as the student is ready to go to the ends of the earth to meet his guru the guru magically appears, or As soon as you are ready to do whatever it takes to have your desired situation. It magically shows up.

My being ready to do whatever was needed made my desired situation come to life.


Today’s Positive Thought and Reminder (follow your dharma, be true to yourself and your lessons)

Several types of Cirrus clouds.

Why is this happening to me?  That is the question I was asking myself as I was sitting on the edge of me bed.  Why am I having trouble meditating and getting back to sleep? In the back of my mind I already knew the answer, but I did not want to accept it.  My answer?  I was not being true to myself.  Even though it was only an estimate for a job.  Even though it was one of many estimates that I do, and most are right on.  On this one I cheated myself and my business and I knew it. Not only did I know it but here I was thinking about it at 4:30 am.  I agreed to things that I should not have agreed to simply because it was our slow time.  It felt like a violation.  And I could see other similar situations in my life where I was not totally being true to my feelings.

As I sat there, I was reminded of page 100 in Radiant Road To Reality by Dr. Thind.  I knew the page and the exact page number of the page, because of how much it caught my attention years ago.  It talks about how we must be led from within.  It talks about how we must engage in our own dharma or duty, that that feels right.  It talks about how if we go contrary to our highest nature and dharma, it is the slaying of the soul.  I knew in all situations like this I was being more focused on outcome than I should be, and not trusting God and the Universe enough to be 100% true and let the chips fall where they may.

I decided I would get up and look for an answer.  I opened to a helpful hint in the back of the first book I wrote What If My Soul Is Eternal and Heaven is Everywhere?  The passage read “Ask yourself Why is this happening to me?  What do I need to learn from this?”  I laughed and said “I must be true myself and lesson in all situations, and trust that God and the Universe will handle the rest.


Today’s Positive Thought (start the day off right)


Yesterday I woke up with my son Jordan standing next to my and my wife’s bed.  When he does this I usually reassure him that everything is just fine and walk him back into his bedroom.  If he had a bad dream we talk about it and he goes right back to sleep.  This particular morning I did the same thing.  I walked him back into his room.  There was no bad dream or anything.  I guess he just wanted to see us there and know that all is fine.  I got ready to go back to bed when I decided to check the time.  I thought I would just check to see if it was 5:30 A.M.   I was very tired, but I told myself if it was, that I would stay up and meditate, write and worship God.  Surely enough it was exactly 5:30, so I did.

I had an audio talk to do so I went downstairs and did that talk.  Then I did a blog post.  Then I meditated.  Afterwards I took care of other business and still got Jordan off to his first day of school at 9:00 on time.  I was amazed at how much I accomplished and how wonderful I felt.  The whole time I could barely feel my body and was in tune more than usual and I knew a magical thing had happened.

This used to be my special time to start the day off right meditate, write etc, but lately I have gotten away from it.  As I have mentioned before, the ancients would say that the 5:00 A.M. is a special time for meditation.  The satvic dust settles on the earth at this time.  I always felt this is the best time because in my world all is quiet at this time, and it helps set the tone.  The magical thing was that God and the Universe got me back into my routine by waking me up at my special time by way of my son, and even had me check to see if it was that exact time.  Then the Universe reminded me just how magical I feel when I move accordingly and start my day off right.  As I said I was amazed at how wonderful I felt and how much was accomplished.


Question:  What do you do to start your day off right or how are you going to do so in the future?

“When you have experience, you know that you know, that you know. When you don’t have experience, you don’t know, that you don’t know, that you don’t know.”

English: Joseph Campbell, late 1970
English: Joseph Campbell, late 1970 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the book, Power of Myth, Bill Moyers asked Joseph Campbell if he was a man of faith.  Joseph Campbell answered, “I don’t have to have faith.  I have experience.”

Faith can be powerful and has been called the evidence of things not seen.  Experience, however, is seeing for yourself.  Seeing is believing.  On the spiritual path, we are always encouraged to get the experience for ourselves, and do the work that it takes in order to have the experience.  Once we have the experience, there is no longer any question involved.  We’ve gone beyond faith, beyond belief.  Now we know.

From the book Wise Words

By Craig Kimbrough

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