Exotic Flowers in Balcony
Exotic Flowers in Balcony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week I bought my wife some flowers and placed them on our balcony.  Two days later I came out side and one of them was wilted and dying.  I felt so bad, like I had neglected and killed a form of life.  I felt like it was too late, but I decided in a last effort to give it plenty of water.  I came out on the balcony the next day and to my surprise, this same plant was standing up strong.  I could not believe it.  Then I thought what if it is like this with all things?  Give it the proper attention and it flourishes.

Then I was reminded of the times when I put my attention on and practiced the ways of Heaven.  Every time I seemed to instantly have incredible things happen.  Some days I would remind myself that I am a king in Heaven, the place of my highest good and things are working in my favor that I can’t even see at the moment.  Other days I would simply chant my mantra throughout the day, reminding myself I am one with all.  No matter which exercise I chose for the day, incredible results would seem to follow.  As I thought about it I said to myself that “entering the kingdom of Heaven is like adding water to a dying plant. Once you give it the proper attention, the plant, the kingdom flourishes beautifully.


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