Entering the kingdom of Heaven is like adding water to a dying plant (The Next 30 Days)

Exotic Flowers in Balcony
Exotic Flowers in Balcony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week I bought my wife some flowers and placed them on our balcony.  Two days later I came out side and one of them was wilted and dying.  I felt so bad, like I had neglected and killed a form of life.  I felt like it was too late, but I decided in a last effort to give it plenty of water.  I came out on the balcony the next day and to my surprise, this same plant was standing up strong.  I could not believe it.  Then I thought what if it is like this with all things?  Give it the proper attention and it flourishes.

Then I was reminded of the times when I put my attention on and practiced the ways of Heaven.  Every time I seemed to instantly have incredible things happen.  Some days I would remind myself that I am a king in Heaven, the place of my highest good and things are working in my favor that I can’t even see at the moment.  Other days I would simply chant my mantra throughout the day, reminding myself I am one with all.  No matter which exercise I chose for the day, incredible results would seem to follow.  As I thought about it I said to myself that “entering the kingdom of Heaven is like adding water to a dying plant. Once you give it the proper attention, the plant, the kingdom flourishes beautifully.


Today’s Positive Thougt (On Thoughts Are Things. . . )



y teacher told how he saw in a vision many years ago, a beautiful church.  He gave a great picture of this place.  He talked about how when people dined at this place the food came out on conveyor belts with beautiful gold plates and silverware. After the vision he knew he had to build this place.  Unfortunately life became more complicated and he never got around to it.  Many years later, he took a trip to Chicago and saw that someone else had built the very place he had seen years ago.   He thought the idea was his and his alone.  However when he did not act on it, he came to realize that was not true.  Nothing can stop an idea that’s time has come.

From the book Wise Words by Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Poetry (When The Traffic on the Road is Clear)

English: The road is clear First traffic acros...

When the traffic on the road is clear, there are no cars in my way

Having no obstructions, I arrive at my destination in an instant

Arriving so freely, I fully embrace the here and now

Embracing the here and now, every moment seems magical

Why am I so happy? because my road is so easy

Why am I so happy? because I am exactly where I want to be

Why am I so happy? because now is the perfect time

Why am I so happy?  because I know how to clear the road


My mind is so clear , My mind is so clear


Today’s Positive Message (“God is nearer than hands and feet, closer than breathing”)

This Statue of Shiva is Approximately 65 feet ...

This morning I felt like I had to share a message and reminder.  That reminder is that “God is nearer than hands and feet closer than breathing.”  I was reminded of this fact this morning and it is so true.  The creator of the entire Universe is right there with you where ever you are.  And you can tune in at any time.  You can take a moment to meditate.  Or you can simply just take a moment to remind yourself that this moment right here is the heavenly moment.  Not next week, not when the rent is paid, but this moment right now is the heavenly moment and things are happening for you in ways that you cannot even see.

The more you think and feel this way, the more you will experience miraculous good.  You and God and the entire Universe will make it so, if you can get this feeling.( By the way when I say God I do not necessarily mean an old man in the sky, but however you think of the unseen mover behind things.)

Today’s Positive Thought (Look back and remember the truth, God and the entire Universe is with you)

Sunlight and Dogwoods

Today I am being asked to look back, to look back on those miracles and God experiences of the past.  I already know that as I do this I will see today in a totally different way on account of my choosing to remember, choosing to remember the truth.

So I look back on the time when I was fighting just to have good time in my children’s lives from my first marriage.  I wanted to have shared custody and have them half of the time. Up until this time my lawyer had told me that the judge said to give up. Friend of the court had also recommended that their mother have full custody.  The judge even had a paper on his wall that said “children shall have one home.”

My teacher, Mr. Ambrister, told me to go in that courtroom and look the judge in the eyes the whole time even when I am not talking and he is not talking to me.  He said to have in my mind how I feel, and what I feel is best for the children.  I did this the next day.  To my surprise the judge’s entire attitude towards me changed.  He was especially warm towards me.  The judge seemed to have a clearer vision of the entire situation.  The lawyer for the other side even complained that I was not sworn in when speaking.  The judge looked and smiled and said “I am sure Mr. Kimbrough is going to be truthful with us, aren’t you Mr. Kimbrough?”

The rest of the proceedings went in my favor and my dream came true.  My lawyer was shocked.  I got to have my kids with me half the time, one week on and one week off.  The life and times with them has been a wonderful incredible dream.  As I look back, I know that God and the entire Universe is with me and everything in my life presently will work the same way.  Miracles will occur.

Did I ever tell you about the first time I made it stop raining?  Well, that is too long a story for today, (and my wife still doesn’t believe me).  Maybe that will be the subject of my next video.  The point is to look back and remember God and the Universe is with you.  If you remember and trust in that fact, all will be well.


Today’s Positive Reminder. . . Pay Attention to the divine in you (Craig answers a question on a dream)

Reach out for the skies

Question:  I had a dream in which I found myself walking outside of my friend’s house and getting shot.  I didn’t just get shot.  I got shot a whole bunch of times.  What do you think this means?

Craig:  Are you still hanging out with that rough crowd here and there?

Questioner:  Yea actually I was with them at the time and whenever I have dreams like this, I am always with them.

Craig’s answer:  You are being shown a future possibility.  The future is not carved out in stone, it often depends on if we go in this direction or that direction as to which future time space event you will find yourself in during this waking experience.  You were being shown what will happen if you continue to hang out with that group.

Since you have been meditating you have been being spiritually cleaned up.  Your higher self and God within, is working on you, trying to get you to take heed and move in a different direction.  You have come a long way already, but now it is time to make the tough choices and move further.  Your life depends on it.  Do not take this lightly.  When your higher self speaks and gives such information in dream, pay attention.

Remember this is only a future possibility, if you shy away from this group, you will not have this experience.  You will move into an entirely different future with much more pleasant outcomes.

Positive Poetry (I am connected, I am connected)

Natural Night Light Beams
Natural Night Light Beams (Photo credit: ViaMoi)

Walking on this earth like a beam of light

As I take each step, I wonder if they know me

I remind myself, does it even matter

I must be careful and not lose my way

All I want to do is be king of the world

I release my kingdom knowing how it works

The more I release the more comes my way

I ponder this abundance of the light

I am walking on this earth like a beam of light

Everything I want it soon blows my way

Now I know this and I walk so freely

I am connected, I am connected


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