Bridging the gap (We create Our Worlds)


“It is I that created the world not the world that created me.”

Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind (The House of Happiness)


“What we behold as money, food and clothing automobile and homes represents our concepts of these ideas.”

Joel Glodsmith (The Infinite Way)


I say that we create these dreams at night and populate them with people and create the entire situation within the dream to give ourselves messages and lessons.   We also do the same thing with this waking dream we find ourselves in.  Whether we realize it or not, we create it with all its nuances situations and scenery, to give ourselves messages and lessons along the way.  The more we lean in and get our lessons associated with these dreams and situations, the more beautiful our dreams and lives become.

Craig Kimbrough

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  1. That’s a ill concept that I’m learning to accept the more experiences I have.

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