Positive Thought (Sometimes when you ask God a question the Universe gives answers to another)

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Yesterday I had a conversation with God and the Universe.  I was looking for an answer on my next move.  I explained this and then I went about my day.  I planned on keeping my mind on the magic of the Universe all day long to help out the process.  To my surprise I got an answer to another question I had right away.  It came so mysteriously it had to be God.  My answer to the question that I did not ask was to charge more money for my services.  It came from a customer of mine with my gutter and window cleaning business.  She paid us more than the price quoted and then went on and on about how I have to raise my prices.

She said

“A workman is worth his hire.”  That is in the Bible Craig.

You have to go up now while everybody else is, your customers are expecting it.

Your work is valuable and you must value your work.

If you don’t raise your prices and charge what it is worth people will take you for granted.

And when you raise your prices don’t apologize.”

I told her that she was the second customer that week who told me that it is time to raise my prices.  I also told her that I had just been thinking that I needed to go up on certain types of jobs for regular customers that were priced too low.  She told me that she made the mistake of getting someone else to  clean her gutters and they did not even do the second level or flush them with water.  Mrs Clampitt said “God gives us lessons and this is mine, you are worth every penny you charge.  Now your lesson is to go up on your prices.”

But what about the answer to my question I spoke to God about? It was on my next move in an entirely different area of my life.    I got it later that day.  I felt it was my answer, but I could not see how to apply it nearly as clearly as the other answers I got from Mrs. Clampitt.

I decided to do everything God and the Universe tells me one step at a time, and the rest will be revealed.  I raised my prices with my gutter and window business.  As I raised my prices I felt so good and so free and had little concern for how people would react.  I guess this is what I had been wanting to do for some time and too worried about how customers may feel or react to act.  As I thought about this fact, that’s when it hit me.  That was the answer to my other question.  Do what feels good and free, keep up my meditations and connection with the eternal, and let the chips fall where they may.  My answer was to be true.

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