Bridging the gap (We create Our Worlds)


“It is I that created the world not the world that created me.”

Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind (The House of Happiness)


“What we behold as money, food and clothing automobile and homes represents our concepts of these ideas.”

Joel Glodsmith (The Infinite Way)


I say that we create these dreams at night and populate them with people and create the entire situation within the dream to give ourselves messages and lessons.   We also do the same thing with this waking dream we find ourselves in.  Whether we realize it or not, we create it with all its nuances situations and scenery, to give ourselves messages and lessons along the way.  The more we lean in and get our lessons associated with these dreams and situations, the more beautiful our dreams and lives become.

Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Thought (Our lesson and answer shows up in many places)

Recently I posed a question to God and The Universe.  I got an answer that did not seem to be the one I was looking for. It was telling me to be more true to myself and let the chips fall where they may.  I reluctantly implemented this in my business and I was shocked at how wonderful the results were.

The other day I opened up a book when looking for an answer to a totally different question and there it was once again, the same answer, to be more true to myself .  I was not sure if this was my answer, and then within minutes, I got an incredible sign pointing in the same direction.  I was reminded that usually when we get an answer from the Universe or have a lesson at hand, it applies to several areas of our lives.

Today’s Positive Poetry (Now is the time to act)

English: Morning Mist View from the back of th...

English: Morning Mist View from the back of the Wee Campsite in Lochcarron. The mist seemed to hug the hillsides, it was a lovely sight to wake up to. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Be open to the signs when you wake in the morning

Think of the sender as you move about your day

Praise the beauty all around you

Know more is to come

Tell yourself you will move on it

Be ready to act when it comes

Let go of needing your sign

And now it comes your way

Once it comes you are bewildered

You wonder if it is real

The presence is all around you

Now is the time to act


Positive Poetry (To be an instrument of God and the Universe)


Ask what to do and then know the answer will come

Raise your vibration in order to catch the answer when it arrives

Remember the answer may not be the one you want or expect

Do what you are told to do

Forget about yourself and how you are being perceived

Let go of how you think things have to be

Meditate and listen to the hidden sound

Be thankful all throughout the day

Forget about other people

Give as much as you can

Think about how they feel

Don’t worry about what they think about you

Tell yourself I am here to serve

Honor your talents and who you truly are

Think of the way you have been taught

Be open to new signs  guideposts ahead


Today’s Positive Thought (Be Happy and put the law of karma in positive action)

Do not make the mistake of waiting until things turn out a certain way for you to be happy.  Be happy now and know that your happiness expressed multiplies.  The universe finds new ways to make you experience more happiness.   This is the law of karma in positive action.

An emoticon with a smile. For more emoticons i...

An emoticon with a smile. For more emoticons in Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Emoticons. 32px|alt=W3C|link=✓ The source code of this SVG is valid. Category:Valid SVG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Practice this today  Tell yourself all the reasons why you are happy, blessed and or thankful and watch how you feel and the results that follow.  We all have some reasons to be happy and yours are different than mine.  Here are a few of mine.

I am happy that I have a  wonderful home in a beautiful community that I love.

I am happy my kids are healthy.

I am so blessed for the time that I had with my grandparents it was truly magical.

I am thankful for time with my guru Mr. Ambrister I know he is still with me as I learn my lessons in life.

I am happy for the time that I had with my business mentor Mr. Britton.  It prepared my for my business life.

I am thankful for my business it has truly given me a way to earn a living on my own terms and provided well for me and my family.

I am blessed beyond belief for the meditation science it has changed my life and made it an adventure beyond anything I could ever describe.

I plan to do this for the rest of the day.  I hope you do too.  Whenever I do this, I have incredible results following.  But once again this is simply the law of karma.  Think about the good and more good comes.


Positive Thought (Sometimes when you ask God a question the Universe gives answers to another)

Cirrus uncinus and Cirrus spissatus over Swift...

Yesterday I had a conversation with God and the Universe.  I was looking for an answer on my next move.  I explained this and then I went about my day.  I planned on keeping my mind on the magic of the Universe all day long to help out the process.  To my surprise I got an answer to another question I had right away.  It came so mysteriously it had to be God.  My answer to the question that I did not ask was to charge more money for my services.  It came from a customer of mine with my gutter and window cleaning business.  She paid us more than the price quoted and then went on and on about how I have to raise my prices.

She said

“A workman is worth his hire.”  That is in the Bible Craig.

You have to go up now while everybody else is, your customers are expecting it.

Your work is valuable and you must value your work.

If you don’t raise your prices and charge what it is worth people will take you for granted.

And when you raise your prices don’t apologize.”

I told her that she was the second customer that week who told me that it is time to raise my prices.  I also told her that I had just been thinking that I needed to go up on certain types of jobs for regular customers that were priced too low.  She told me that she made the mistake of getting someone else to  clean her gutters and they did not even do the second level or flush them with water.  Mrs Clampitt said “God gives us lessons and this is mine, you are worth every penny you charge.  Now your lesson is to go up on your prices.”

But what about the answer to my question I spoke to God about? It was on my next move in an entirely different area of my life.    I got it later that day.  I felt it was my answer, but I could not see how to apply it nearly as clearly as the other answers I got from Mrs. Clampitt.

I decided to do everything God and the Universe tells me one step at a time, and the rest will be revealed.  I raised my prices with my gutter and window business.  As I raised my prices I felt so good and so free and had little concern for how people would react.  I guess this is what I had been wanting to do for some time and too worried about how customers may feel or react to act.  As I thought about this fact, that’s when it hit me.  That was the answer to my other question.  Do what feels good and free, keep up my meditations and connection with the eternal, and let the chips fall where they may.  My answer was to be true.

Today’s Positive Thought (It has happened many times before, the answer will come once again)

This morning I woke up with an issue on my mind.  I began to look for an answer to my perplexing problem.  What is the my next move?  What is the next step? I have to act soon.  Then I was reminded of times of success in the past.  Times in which I did not know the answer or even a clue.

I remembered to expect an answer. Decide that the answer will show up.    I decided not to look think or worry.  I will just talk to God and the Universe about it and let go.  I will Just keep my mind on God and the magic of the Universe all day and know the answer will come.  It has happened before.

Your answer can come from anywhere. a friend, a movie a lesson or book.  Meditate and repeat your mantra all day as you move about.  Know the answer will come.  It has happened many times before.


Question for Craig (is it true that when you dream you are all the players in the dream?)

Hey Craig,

Dream About Me

Someone told me that when you dream, you are all of the players in your dream.

Is there some type of truth to this?

Yes there is quite a bit of truth to this.  There may be one particular player in the dream who you identify with.  There may also be other players in the dream that may represent certain people in your life.  Or the other players may be there to play parts to tell you more about yourself as they interact with the main player you identify with.  But whether you realize it or not, the whole dream is created by you, all the players are your creation, the atmosphere and background, all your creation.  They are all created by you and would not be there unless you on some level intended for them to be there.   And it can also be said that all the players are you.

We create the dreams and all the participants to get a lesson.  The lesson may be that we need to run our business in a new innovative way, or that we need to be more at peace with our place in life at this time.  The lesson may be telling us it is time to take a chance and act or to treat people with more kindness.  But be assured it is us creating the dream, giving ourselves hints and opportunities to grow more into our realization of our oneness of the fact that we are one with the great dreamer.  This can also be said of our waking dream or this life.