Positive Poetry (Can you do this, if so, you are truly great indeed)

Can you let go of what people think of and expect of you?  Can you let go of worrying about how you are being treated?  Can you let go of situations in your life having to be the way you imagine or think that you would like them to be?  Can you let go of your dreams as you move towards them?  Can you let go of the identity that you have built up and the one you have been trying to create and uphold?  Can you let go of being accepted, loved and appreciated? If so you are truly great indeed.

Can you look for beauty and wonder everywhere?  Can you trust the process?  Can you embrace what is and find your place where you are?  Can you grow where you are planted and give, right here?  Can you move forward knowing that the whole Universe is working in your favor? Can you remember this place is wonderful with all it’s nuances?  Can you move past your anger and give a second chance?  Can you act in light of who you are dealing with?  Can you remember to go into the silence?  Can you bring that silence and your lessons into your world?  Can you decide to be happy right here right now? If so you are truly great indeed.

Today’s Positive Guru Application:  Read this a couple times throughout the day as a reminder of how we are to be.  You can also choose any one of these challenges and live in light of it for the rest of your day and maybe even the next or however long you like. See what results may follow.  And of course take a little time to meditate.


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11 thoughts on “Positive Poetry (Can you do this, if so, you are truly great indeed)

      1. I wrote these questions down, so I can contemplate them more often, and not forget, cause I can’t do many of them too often, and really want to, it’s like the “great last lesson”, these questions, to me.

  1. I needed to come across that. Thank you for posting it, it’s the shit.

  2. I read this before, but it really was what I needed to hear today. I have copied and printed it so that I can keep it with me to help me remember what I’m striving to become.

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