Positive Thought (life is constant renewal, how are you renewing your life?)

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Life is constant renewal.  We can reexamine and renew at any time.  A simple shift can make all the difference in the world.  I posted a question in January on “how are you renewing your life?”  It was intended for the new year.  Last week I got two new responses.  I love the fact that they are responding in may, because once again they remind us that we can renew at any time.

renewing my life

This is to the post .. well i have been involved with special children for some yrs now.. I have been doing yoga and meditation for some yrs .. Recently did a yoga instructorship course and iam gearing myself up to the academic yr june 2013 to implement this to the kids i am intervening .. yoga and meditation and special education – aiming at holistic intervention.

Planning to do like study to so see the transformations in all domains..

Thats about it

Sujatha Sriram

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I am renewing again, and reconnecting by simply listening to the Enlightenment Lesson again for this week, and as I do so watching the pictures of other members on Meditative Zone. This helps me feel connected to other people here, cause it is as close as I may ever get to seeing any of you people. This is what my sermon for the week is, thank you for this place Craig, it is my church, and the Enlightenment talks are my weekly sermons. I need them, they connect me to God, and give me the conscious contact with God that I need so much. I am also renewing my commitment to reviewing my past posts on here, recommitting to what works for me. The greatest is really your weekly talks on the Enlightenment page, thank you so much for keeping it real Craig, and thanks for being my Spiritual advisor. I need these weekly talks so much, they keep me God centered more than anything else I have ever come across in twelve years of searching.


(Craig’s Thoughts)  I personally am going to renew by paying more attention to my diet and following the signs and messages from God and the Universe more in my life.  No matter how scary or difficult, I have found that I must pay attention to the signs.  This goes for my dreams at night, meditations, intuitions, and incredible seemingly coincidental situations, that prove to be synchronized messages in my world.

How are you going to renew?

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  1. I’m renewing by taking small guided steps forward every day. I’ve found that these small steps don’t always lead me where I thought I was going, but they always lead me where I’m supposed to be.

  2. I renew my life every morning by studying Prakriti: The Ayurvedic science of the three constitutions we each have, and the foods and herbs that assist me to maintain physical and emotional balance. I make notes on 5″ x 8″ cards on important subjects to me, and I have a daily process of reviewing my various notes on various topics important to well-being. “Be ye renewed by renewing your mind.” The daily habit of studying something that adds depth to one’s understanding and being uplifts one’s understanding and higher knowledge and consciousness of being.

  3. Thanks for the like on the Question of Human Suffering. I really like what you have going on here. Am a big fan of yoga. Your thoughts on renewal brought to mind a clip of an old post of mine, thoughts on the glorious things that make us human:

    Our very body proclaims that life is change. We live in constant flux, each of us a sentient network of innumerous biochemical activity, electromagnetic charges, neurotransmission – all in collaboration even to help you with the simple and sophisticated task of reading this thought. About every four months, a red blood cell expires and is displaced by a new one. A cease in modulation in a major part of our structure or the whole would mean paralysis or death. There is a coherence to the changes. The bodily vicissitudes are not random but often follow cycles. Of time, weather, season. For the person is a microcosmic embodiment of the universe. There is the planetary orbit. The revolutions. And we are governed by a circadian rhythm. Whether or not we choose to rise and set with the sun, our organ systems each heed their own clock of peak functioning in keeping with the tide of day and night. The woman’s body is a candid avatar of the Cycle.
    So amazing…our design. Even at the cellular level there is steady renewal in process. So health is a corollary rejuvenation of the spirit. Keep up the light and joy!

    1. Thank you for the comment. I am glad you like the blog. I agree that change is the one constant we experience. So we must embrace the change and find our Heaven within it and heavenly way of responding to the current situations as they arrive.

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