More On Playing Thy Role Well (Another actors testimony)

Yesterday I saw an interesting interview with Jessie Eisenberg, who played Mark Zuckerberg in the movie The Social Network.  He was talking about a different movie he acted in.  He […]

Positive Poetry (Can you do this, if so, you are truly great indeed)

Can you let go of what people think of and expect of you?  Can you let go of worrying about how you are being treated?  Can you let go of […]

Today’s Positive Thought (“To thyself be true”)

Whether we realize it or not we are all on the spiritual path of enlightenment.  We are all moving closer and closer to realizing our oneness with the eternal.  In […]

Today’s Positive Thought (“Abandon all dharmas or duties, and follow me and only me”)

In the Bhavagad Gita there is a passage where Khrisna tells Arjuna to “abandon all duties, and follow me and only me.”  Krishna is God in the form of a […]

Today’s Positive Thought (Fulfill the need)

  Yesterday a friend of mine told me a story about Nat King Cole.  He said he was a piano player who was one day asked to play particular song. […]

Positive Meditative Thought (“When you have the kind of problems that you have, you need to be meditating all day long”)

My teacher Mr. Ambrister (18 years ago)  I was struggling and hoping to get some advise on how to deal with what seemed to be an impossible situation. I called my […]

Positive Thought (life is constant renewal, how are you renewing your life?)

Life is constant renewal.  We can reexamine and renew at any time.  A simple shift can make all the difference in the world.  I posted a question in January on […]

Positive Thought, Hang with your positive friends (be in satsang, the true company)

In the book holy science Sri Yukteswar says to seek out true company and avoid false company.  He says we should seek those who make us happy, calm and at […]