More On Playing Thy Role Well (Another actors testimony)

Maurice Benard as Sonny and Laura Wright as Carly.

Maurice Benard as Sonny and Laura Wright as Carly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Oprah Winfrey in Denmark on 30 Septem...

Yesterday I saw an interesting interview with Jessie Eisenberg, who played Mark Zuckerberg in the movie The Social Network.  He was talking about a different movie he acted in.  He said that during the time period he was playing this part he noticed that as he went about his days and evenings off the set he found himself being so happy, much more than usual. At first he could not figure out why.  Then he thought about it and came to the conclusion it was because of the character he was playing this time.  Jessie said that this guy was extremely happy.  He then said “I need to look for more roles where I play happy characters.”

It reminded me of the time I saw Maurice Benard on the Oprah Winfrey show.  He plays Sonny Corinthos a mob boss on General Hospital, my favorite character on the show.  He has played this part every day for many years.   Maurice expressed to Oprah that he had to be careful, because he would sometimes start to believe he was Sonny.  He said just like his character, Sonny, he struggles with metal health issues, particularly if he is not taking his medicine.  He told a story about how once threatened to have someone killed, thinking he was the mob boss he plays on General Hospital.

Often actors will say that the characters get in their heads.  My question is what character is getting in your head? How are you acting? Or rather who are you telling yourself and the world that you are by the way you play your role? Do you take time to remember that you are playing a role right now?  Do you realize that every day you reinforce who you are by your playing?   Do you realize that you have a choice in your role you are to play?   Have you gone over what your movie is about?  Are you staying in contact with the great director?  If not maybe it is time to do so.  Play thy role well.

Positive Poetry (Can you do this, if so, you are truly great indeed)

Can you let go of what people think of and expect of you?  Can you let go of worrying about how you are being treated?  Can you let go of situations in your life having to be the way you imagine or think that you would like them to be?  Can you let go of your dreams as you move towards them?  Can you let go of the identity that you have built up and the one you have been trying to create and uphold?  Can you let go of being accepted, loved and appreciated? If so you are truly great indeed.

Can you look for beauty and wonder everywhere?  Can you trust the process?  Can you embrace what is and find your place where you are?  Can you grow where you are planted and give, right here?  Can you move forward knowing that the whole Universe is working in your favor? Can you remember this place is wonderful with all it’s nuances?  Can you move past your anger and give a second chance?  Can you act in light of who you are dealing with?  Can you remember to go into the silence?  Can you bring that silence and your lessons into your world?  Can you decide to be happy right here right now? If so you are truly great indeed.

Today’s Positive Guru Application:  Read this a couple times throughout the day as a reminder of how we are to be.  You can also choose any one of these challenges and live in light of it for the rest of your day and maybe even the next or however long you like. See what results may follow.  And of course take a little time to meditate.


Today’s Positive Thought (“To thyself be true”)

Magyar: Siklóernyő

Skateboarding 1 (dtab)

Whether we realize it or not we are all on the spiritual path of enlightenment.  We are all moving closer and closer to realizing our oneness with the eternal.  In other words whether we understand it, like it, or not, we are all spiritual masters in the making.  Not only is this happening but everything that is happening in our lives is trying to get us to move more and more into this  realization.

Having said that, I will also say that there is a stage on the path in which to go against ones own dharma or way of being is like high treason.  It is denying the will of the eternal.  If we have reached this stage of the spiritual path we have to be true to ourselves, or our not being true to our feelings will tear us apart.

I personally learned this years ago, when it came to my career choices.  I learned early on that I needed to run my own business.  I tried working other places for a while but it would only last for a short time and I would leave to go back to running my business full time.  It was like something inside of me was dying the whole time I was working for these other places.  Once I did go back to being on my own, I felt free and could even breathe better.  I have been happily running my business full time now for more than 25 years, and could not imagine my life any other way.

I have also learned that this was not just the case with my business, but in life period, not being true to how I feel seems to bother me more than most people.  To my relief, as I studied meditation and metaphysics, I learned that the as we move further along we must be more true to who we are,  it is the Eternal’s way of expressing through us.  The more we grow the stronger the pull for us to live in such a manner.


Today’s Positive Thought (“Abandon all dharmas or duties, and follow me and only me”)

Lord Krishna instructing the Bhagavad Gita to ...

In the Bhavagad Gita there is a passage where Khrisna tells Arjuna to “abandon all duties, and follow me and only me.”  Krishna is God in the form of a chariot rider and teacher speaking to Arjuna the student and great warrior.  Krishna also tells Arjuna that this is the secret of all secrets, a very high lesson indeed.  The idea is to keep your mind and attention on God, and place this above all cares and worries and obligations.  In other words we must keep our mind on God and the magic of the Universe, act in light of God and our lesson and let the chips fall where they may. 

How do we do this?  Meditate often.  Think of the magic of the Universe often.  Watch movies, read and listen to such material often.  Trust the signs from the Universe that come on account of this and move on them, even if they challenge your normal way of thinking.

Today’s Positive Thought (Fulfill the need)

Portrait of Nat King Cole, New York, N.Y.

Portrait of Nat King Cole, New York, N.Y. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yesterday a friend of mine told me a story about Nat King Cole.  He said he was a piano player who was one day asked to play particular song.  Nat King Cole began to play the song when the guy stopped him and told him “no I want you to sing it”.  Nat was not a singer, at least that is what he thought.  But little did he know this would be the beginning of a great singing career.  Nat King Cole could have easily said I don’t sing, but instead he decided to fill the need.


With my gutter cleaning business, people used to ask us for years if we did window cleaning.  I would always answer saying no.  One day I finally decided to give window cleaning a try.  Now probably one-fourth of the business is window cleaning.  It has been very good for the company.


Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg says that the secret to business is finding a need and fulfilling that need.  Sometimes we have to be open to the suggestions that come our way from our wold telling us the way in which to do it.  We must also remember that this is not just the secret to business, but a secret to success in all areas in life.  Pay attention to the ways in which the people in your world need to be served.


Positive Meditative Thought (“When you have the kind of problems that you have, you need to be meditating all day long”)

My teacher Mr. Ambrister

Mr. Ambrister

(18 years ago)  I was struggling and hoping to get some advise on how to deal with what seemed to be an impossible situation. I called my meditation teacher, Mr. Ambrister, and told him about my situation.  He said Sonny you have to meditate more.  I said “meditate more what do you mean?  I meditate 3 times a day.  I teach meditation and breathing classes here at my bookstore on Sunday and Wednesdays.  There are days that I will close myself off from the world and meditate a whole day.”  Mr. Ambrister laughed and said “Sonny when you have the kind of problems that you have you have to meditate all day long.”  Then I understood.

I had a busy life with many aspects to it.  I had a wife and kids.  I had my gutter and window cleaning business.  I also had a metaphysical bookstore.  I also had meditation students to deal with.  And at this time, during my first marriage, I was desperately struggling to hold together my marriage and family.  I was in over my head.  The problems were mounting.  When Mr. Ambrister told me that “with the problems I have I need to be meditating all day long”, it reminded me of something else he used to say.  “It shall take all the strength that God can give you, simply to live my friend, simply to live.”

I needed to let God and my higher self handle the problems and my life.  I needed to be chanting my mantra all throughout the day, while walking from place to place, or working, to raise my vibration.  When I was riding in the car, I needed to be listening to information of a higher order.  When I got home, I needed to be watching movies that reminded me of the magic of Gods Universe.  Even when I spent time with my wife and kids or with my business, I needed to be reminding myself that they are sent from God and I am an instrument serving God at every moment.  I needed to be meditating all day long.


Positive Thought (life is constant renewal, how are you renewing your life?)

Yoga Class at a Gym Category:Gyms_and_Health_Clubs

Life is constant renewal.  We can reexamine and renew at any time.  A simple shift can make all the difference in the world.  I posted a question in January on “how are you renewing your life?”  It was intended for the new year.  Last week I got two new responses.  I love the fact that they are responding in may, because once again they remind us that we can renew at any time.

renewing my life

This is to the post .. well i have been involved with special children for some yrs now.. I have been doing yoga and meditation for some yrs .. Recently did a yoga instructorship course and iam gearing myself up to the academic yr june 2013 to implement this to the kids i am intervening .. yoga and meditation and special education – aiming at holistic intervention.

Planning to do like study to so see the transformations in all domains..

Thats about it

Sujatha Sriram

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I am renewing again, and reconnecting by simply listening to the Enlightenment Lesson again for this week, and as I do so watching the pictures of other members on Meditative Zone. This helps me feel connected to other people here, cause it is as close as I may ever get to seeing any of you people. This is what my sermon for the week is, thank you for this place Craig, it is my church, and the Enlightenment talks are my weekly sermons. I need them, they connect me to God, and give me the conscious contact with God that I need so much. I am also renewing my commitment to reviewing my past posts on here, recommitting to what works for me. The greatest is really your weekly talks on the Enlightenment page, thank you so much for keeping it real Craig, and thanks for being my Spiritual advisor. I need these weekly talks so much, they keep me God centered more than anything else I have ever come across in twelve years of searching.


(Craig’s Thoughts)  I personally am going to renew by paying more attention to my diet and following the signs and messages from God and the Universe more in my life.  No matter how scary or difficult, I have found that I must pay attention to the signs.  This goes for my dreams at night, meditations, intuitions, and incredible seemingly coincidental situations, that prove to be synchronized messages in my world.

How are you going to renew?

Positive Thought, Hang with your positive friends (be in satsang, the true company)

Cover of "The Holy Science"

In the book holy science Sri Yukteswar says to seek out true company and avoid false company.  He says we should seek those who make us happy, calm and at peace and avoid those who make us nervous, angry and upset.  I find myself blessed because I am surrounded by such people.  Even with my business all of the guys who work for me are meditation students, so we talk about philosophy, spirituality, and laugh all throughout the day.  Yesterday I decided to start satsang early and look at a couple blogs, I only had enough time to read two, but they were refreshing to read and helped elevate me.

The first was Michelle Dobbins Daily Alchemy, where she was talking about celebrating. The post reminded me to celebrate, the good, and more good will come.  The second blog I read was Crystal Nudings.  She was saying that all is well, which is a great spiritual reminder and is truly the case if you can embrace the idea and move forward in that spirit.  It reminded me to move forward my the day with this in mind and know that things are working out in ways I can’t even see at the moment.

Later in the evening, after spending time with my family, I watched Ghost Dog, The way of the Samurai  which is a wonderful movie that always tends to remind me to follow my spiritual teachings and apply them to every situation in life. regardless of the setting.  First thing in the morning I find myself meditating, seeing my teacher Mr. Ambrister within.  I am at peace and barely can even feel my body.

What are you doing today to be in the true company?  Take a little time for it.  Hang out with and seek positive company, in person, or by book, blog, audio, or video.  It truly makes a difference.