Today’s Positive Thought (You have to empty your basket)

Angry Penguin
Angry Penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ften we feel that when we are on the spiritual path, we don’t get angry.  We’re just these extra nice people who never get angry and upset.  But we’re still human, and we’re still growing even when we are consciously on the spiritual path.  Even when we’ve learned how to meditate or go within, and come in contact with the eternal vibration, even if we are having deep experiences, we are still human.  At times we’re going to find ourselves in situations that make us angry and upset.  When we do find ourselves getting angry, or when our basket gets filled, we need to empty it.  We need to let it out rather than try to hold it in.  If we hold in our anger and suppress it, it will just build up until we explode, or it comes out in a much bigger way.

If we express ourselves and get it out early we can get back to our peaceful happy way of being.

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Happy Face (Photo credit: Enokson)

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  1. Great post! Thank you, Craig.
    Anger is the bridge from powerlessness to empowered… for internal use only! Moving the physical sensations of anger in your body is the most empowering thing you can ever learn to do. You’ll never give power away to another person or situation once you master this little trick.

  2. I agree. People who love one another, for lack of a better word…”fight.” I am in favor of not keeping things boiling inside. When doing so, true intimacy is not experienced. Others have a difference of thought but for me, I say get it out in the open . . .

  3. I think being on the spiritual path doesn’t mean that we don’t have negative emotions. I think it means we chose a spiritual and usually highly effective way of dealing with them. Though as highly effective as these techniques may be, they are not always easy to pull off, we all stumble at times. Eventually If we do them a lot it gets easier to do and we feel the negativity a lot less frequently, but in no case are we immune. I have just started to embrace my journey fully, I know just as well as anyone this truth. I think we must remember to forgive ourselves and as quickly as possible inject love and happiness back into our hearts. Love this post.

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