Today’s Positive Thought (Do what you have to do to experience Good Karma)

Dynamic tranquility: the Buddha in contemplation.
Dynamic tranquility: the Buddha in contemplation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning a good friend and meditation student of mine called me to ask “what is the thought for today?  He said He can’t get to the internet today to read the blog, but he felt like he needed to hear today’s thought.  It was quite early and I had not even begun to think or write, so I just said what was on my mind.  My answer was “do what you have to do to experience good karma.”

I told him if you meditate regularly, think about God the Universe and your lessons.  If you go through life asking questions, sincerely trying to grow, you will have good karma.  You will find yourself getting answers and guidance everywhere you go.  Even when you sleep at night you will find yourself having dreams in which you will learn information that would normally take years to digest, just from seeing a quick vision in a dream.  It may be something as simple as seeing someone walking down the street and as they are walking you are feeling what they feel, thinking what they think and then you wake up.  But when you awaken you feel like you have all this incredible knowledge about them, you, life, your relation to everyone and everything, and how you are going to move through your life.  You also will know that everything you need in life will magically show up as you need it.  When this happens you are experiencing the good karma.  It is no accident, it comes on account of your focus.


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