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My good friend and meditation student Aaron, watched the movie Australia again the other day, and has been talking about it quite a bit.  It’s been a while since I have seen the movie, and I have forgotten a lot of the insights in it, but I loved it when I saw it.  One of the things Aaron mentioned was how when the native people wanted to do their magic, they had a ritual where they would sing to themselves.  I did not remember this aspect of the movie, but I loved the idea.  I loved the idea that we can actively move into magical miracles.

It reminded me that I had a situation going on in my life in which I needed magic or a miracle to occur and it is time for me to use my magic.  It is time for me to raise my vibration, meditate more, think back on incredible experiences, listen to some of my CD lessons from the past, and chant my mantra in my mind throughout the day.  I was also reminded of the many times I have seen miraculous results in my life from doing such things.  In a nutshell I was reminded that this world is wonderful and magical, and anything is possible and now is the time to prove it once again.



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