Today’s Positive Thought (There are always more lessons and reminders for a wonderful life)

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My six-year-old son Jordan is a wonderful boy.  There are many areas where he totally blows me away and I think he is truly a prodigy.  Then there are other areas where he is clearly struggling.  Sometimes during his struggles it may appear as though he is not even trying.  I am learning more and more that this is not the case.  Yesterday I took him to his swimming lessons and he once again was crying after putting his face in the water.  I could be wrong but at times it seems as though out of the many kids there, he is the only one crying.  I could see the instructor pushing him, making him put his face in the water even though he does not like it.  As I watch I can see that he keeps forgetting to hold his breath.

When I get home I am thinking about how fear seems to drive him at times, and I know it will be hard to get him to put his face in the water again.  At times he says “I will never put my face in again.”  After a long day, I go to sleep and he does also, along with the rest of the family that is home.  Early this morning I get up and meditate.   A little later this morning, while he is taking a bath, I hear Jordan crying from the other room.  When I go in to see what is wrong, he tells me he was practicing putting his face in the water.  Wow!  My boy is facing his fears and wants to learn.  I told him, “we will be practicing holding our breath, and knowing when we have let it out, for a couple of days, then we can try putting our face back in the water.

Lessons and Reminders:

Be patient with people

People are doing the best they know how, for where they are

My job is not to get discouraged, but to be my son’s coach, this goes for other people in my life as well

God has a way of letting me know things I need to know especially after I meditate


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