On being an instrument of the eternal

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Today I was thinking about being an instrument.  I was reminded about times when this definitely seemed to be the case.  I decided I wanted to move forward in this way today also.  Then I thought that I would open up a book for more insight.  The book I opened up was The Infinite Way, by Joel Goldsmith.  He was talking about God’s supply and how we must take no thought for our supply.  We should feed five thousand without taking thought.  I said to myself that if I am an instrument of God and the Universe there is no reason to take thought.  Whatever I need to be done is being done for the eternal and the greater good because I am an instrument being used by God.

As I continued on I found myself feeling very good.  I thought about the things I have to do today.  I found myself really looking forward to them as I realized this is what God needs to be done by me.  Then I opened up my book Wise Words to a page talking about how when the body is clean God reveals.  It reminded me that if I Gods instrument need more information or directions on the next move then I should be careful about what I eat so I will be able to concentrate.  The page in Wise Words talked about how when we are loaded down with poisons and toxins it makes it harder to concentrate during meditation.  So today I am excited about eating the right foods to be the best instrument I can.  Then I think about how powerful I feel moving forward seeing myself as this instrument.  I don’t worry about how I am being perceived because as I do what I do with God in mind if you judge me, you are really judging God.  As I think about things that would normally seem like a chore, in this mindset I see them as opportunities to serve, and be the instrument I am.



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