Today’s Positive Thought (Is there some old idea or project calling your name?) Maybe it’s time has come


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I told myself long ago that I should always be working on some sort of book project. The reason I decided this was because I noticed that my life  is much different when I am writing a book.  When I wrote my first book What If My Soul Is Eternal and Heaven Is Everywhere my life became this adventure where I found myself literally experiencing Heaven everywhere in my world.  It was like I was living the experience of what I was writing about.  Better yet I became the book.

When I wrote my second book Wise Words I was writing about lessons my teacher Mr. Ambrister taught me over the years through a series of sayings.  The next thing I knew the lessons seemed to be magically showing up in my world in the form of experiences on a daily basis.  I felt much closer to my teacher and learned the meanings of these sayings and lessons much deeper during that time period.

The same thing happened with the book that I am working on now, but I also find something else happening.  As I get closer and closer to being done with this book, I find myself having being more focused on a whole different subject matter, my dreams.   They seem to be talking to me more that usual.  

Now a days I go to sleep, looking forward to my travels at night and the information I will come back with more than I normally would.  I also see this life as a dream more clearly than I ever have before.   This subject matter of dreams is the focus of a book that was originally supposed to be my second book.  I started on it years ago but decided to write Wise Words instead.  I have done some writing in it here and there over the last 15 years. For some reason I have never been able to keep my focus on completing this book.  The odd thing is, this dream book is the one book that my friends, meditation students, and family have wanted me to write most.   This new heightened interest I have on dreams now, tells me that it is time to finish my third book I am currently working on and finally put my focus on the book that I have been putting off finishing for so long.  It’s time has finally come.

What about you?  Are you looking for a new project?  Think back on some of those old ideas.  Maybe one of them is calling your name.


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  1. dmdobbins98

    It’s wonderful how we can get messages that tell us when the timing is right for a project. A have a few on a shelf, so maybe your post is a sign for me. I can’t wait to read your book on dreams.

  2. Sue Dreamwalker

    Yesterday, I asked for a sign to confirm to me about something I was in the process of writing becoming a book.. Today you decided to follow a Dreamwalker.. And I am pleased you did.. For today I got my answer via your post..
    Many thanks Craig.
    Our Dreams are indeed a doorway of learning more about ourselves, I hope since first writing this post in 2013, that Book is now a reality..
    Wishing you a most Positive Day, and thank you for being part of an answer to one of my dreams 🙂
    Sue 🙂

    • Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru

      Hello Sue. Do you know I had the same thing happen this morning. I asked for a sign and got my answer in another blogger’s response to my post. I am so happy to know that my words became a part of your wonderful process.
      Now I am getting a sign from you. I did not finish that book but have finished two others since 2013. But here is the thing I was just thinking earlier this week that it is time to finish the book on dreams. Just about every day someone asks me to interpret their dream. Your question from a post from way back in 2013 is my sign, finish the dream book! Thank you. I am wishing you a wonderful Positive Day also. It is amazing how we are all connected, isn’t it? Peace and Blessings

      • Sue Dreamwalker

        It is indeed wonderful, and we are all of connected.. For we are ONE.. 🙂 Have a wonderful evening. And thank you for sharing that.. I am sure now is the right time for the book of Dreams. 🙂

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