Today’s Positive Thought (Find your place under the sun and be there)




od created everything.  He made the sun, the moon, the earth, the people and the animals.  God also created the trees.  Each tree bears it’s own fruit, and the birds flock accordingly.


We have to be more like the trees.  A tree knows its place.  You don’t find the apple tree trying to bear coconuts.  The weeping willow knows it belongs near the lake.  The palm tree only shows up in warmer climates.  When the trees bear their fruit, the birds, insects, bees etc., come automatically.  The tree doesn’t have go out chasing after them.  We must find our place under the sun, and be there.  We just need to be true to our nature and the rest will come on it’s own.


Do what you love.  Be who you truly are.  Trust that God knew what he was doing when he made you that way


Craig Kimbrough

from the book Wise Words

Be willing to act and be willing to let go

Today at Sarvodaya's Early Morning meditation
Today at Sarvodaya’s Early Morning meditation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At one time in my life I was living in an apartment where my neighbors upstairs could be loud at times.  They were not terrible but sometimes the television would be loud, late at night, and early in the morning.

One particular morning I heard the T.V. rather loud just above my head at 6:00 am.  I was trying to write and meditate, and for whatever reason I chose to stay in the room I was in and I found myself quite distracted.  I could have moved to another room or even another floor of my apartment where I could not hear the T.V. but I felt like I should not have to.  I thought about how in my enlightened state this would not even bother me.  I also thought about ringing their doorbell and talking to them at 6 a.m.  I decided I would definitely talk to them later if it continued to happen so early.  Then I got into to my meditation and writing and let it go.  I found myself reflecting and looking for my lessons when suddenly I looked up and it was quiet.  I could still hear them walking around but no loud T.V.

My first thought was wow I don’t even know when it became quiet.  I just appeared in quietude.  What made it happen?  Well two metaphysical things happened.

1.  I decided to definitely act without concern.  I would talk to them later for sure if this happens again so early, but not sweat it for now.

Deciding to act without concern as to how we will be perceived is very powerful especially if it is in light of our lesson.  Often just the mere decision or being willing to do what we were not willing to do before will often change the situation.

2.  I got into my meditation and lessons and let go.

Embracing and enjoying the moment and letting go of the problem will also often lead to the problem vanishing.

By the way I never had to  talk to them about it.  It would be loud very rarely, and soon afterwards would stop.  I was no longer even concerned.   Maybe I became enlightened.

Today’s Positive Thought (You have to empty your basket)

Angry Penguin
Angry Penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ften we feel that when we are on the spiritual path, we don’t get angry.  We’re just these extra nice people who never get angry and upset.  But we’re still human, and we’re still growing even when we are consciously on the spiritual path.  Even when we’ve learned how to meditate or go within, and come in contact with the eternal vibration, even if we are having deep experiences, we are still human.  At times we’re going to find ourselves in situations that make us angry and upset.  When we do find ourselves getting angry, or when our basket gets filled, we need to empty it.  We need to let it out rather than try to hold it in.  If we hold in our anger and suppress it, it will just build up until we explode, or it comes out in a much bigger way.

If we express ourselves and get it out early we can get back to our peaceful happy way of being.

Happy Face
Happy Face (Photo credit: Enokson)

Today’s Positive Thought (Do what you have to do to experience Good Karma)

Dynamic tranquility: the Buddha in contemplation.
Dynamic tranquility: the Buddha in contemplation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning a good friend and meditation student of mine called me to ask “what is the thought for today?  He said He can’t get to the internet today to read the blog, but he felt like he needed to hear today’s thought.  It was quite early and I had not even begun to think or write, so I just said what was on my mind.  My answer was “do what you have to do to experience good karma.”

I told him if you meditate regularly, think about God the Universe and your lessons.  If you go through life asking questions, sincerely trying to grow, you will have good karma.  You will find yourself getting answers and guidance everywhere you go.  Even when you sleep at night you will find yourself having dreams in which you will learn information that would normally take years to digest, just from seeing a quick vision in a dream.  It may be something as simple as seeing someone walking down the street and as they are walking you are feeling what they feel, thinking what they think and then you wake up.  But when you awaken you feel like you have all this incredible knowledge about them, you, life, your relation to everyone and everything, and how you are going to move through your life.  You also will know that everything you need in life will magically show up as you need it.  When this happens you are experiencing the good karma.  It is no accident, it comes on account of your focus.


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Five Ways to Shine Your Light in the World, By Michelle Dobbins


Craig’s Comments:  From time to time I like to feature people who are doing positive things in the world. Michelle Dobbins is definitely one of those people.  She is the founder and writer of the blog DailyAlchemy.Com  Michelle is helping to change and improve the world by sharing the many wonderful ways she has learned how to bring magic into her world. By sharing her wonderful spiritual lessons, Michelle not only makes her life a magical spiritual adventure, she also helps others to do the same.  Today I am pleased to have her share some of her lessons with us.

Five Ways to Shine Your Light in the World

By Michelle Dobbins

I found Craig’s blog a month or so ago and I love what he is doing here.  Many of the messages from his posts were just what I needed to hear at the moment I read them.  He asked me to share with his readers about my mission to create positive thought and action.

I started my blog, Daily Alchemy, as a writing blog and it evolved into a positive thought blog. I found that even though I desire to write fiction, I really have no desire to write about the writing process, so I started blogging about my beliefs on how to live life and viola….Daily Alchemy was born. I never wanted to write a spiritual blog, but I followed step by step guidance and that’s where God led me.

I’d like to share five easy ways to find your own path to being a positive light in the world.

  1. Start where you are.  You don’t have to write a blog, be a life coach or minister to affect other people’s lives. Right in front of us are family, friends and maybe co-workers, who could be blessed by us. Be a happiness role model. When we are joyous, we spread joy just by being ourselves. Visualize others being happy. Help out where you can, while maintaining a positive attitude. Give them a hand up, but don’t allow anyone to drag you down. If you want to do something fun, go to and see how awesome it feels to give simple gifts to friends and strangers.
  2. Surround yourself with like-minded people. If you are on Craig’s site, you are already doing that. In every area of life that you can, focus on being in the company of positive people. I personally  like Unity School of Christianity, but you can be any religion or none. You can get a lot of spiritual nourishment online, but I would suggest to try to find at least one person you can spend time with in the “real world” who can raise your vibration.
  3.  Follow your Bliss. Do what you love. I love to write fiction and I hope to make people feel joy when they read my books. I started writing and following advice that resonated with me. Even though none of my books are ready to go out into the world yet, it’s led me to connect with wonderful people and hopefully inspire some. You can shine you light fixing air conditioners or singing on a stage. It doesn’t matter what you do, but how you do it.
  4. Listen to your Guidance.  Things don’t always happen the way we plan them. When I get guidance from dreams or sign, I follow it, even if it’s not what I had originally planned. I felt guided to put a Magic question of the day on my twitter and Facebook,  A simple, effective question designed to create positive thought. Sometimes, I worry that it’s a silly waste of time, but if it has made one person smile or gave them a sign that they are on the right path, it’s worth it. So I continue to do things I’m guided to do. I reach out to people when I feel led to, even when I’m afraid they might not be interested.
  5. Don’t be afraid to look weird. Being a positive light in the world means that you are focusing on shining your light for others. If that’s your goal, it doesn’t matter if someone unlikes you on Facebook or how much traffic your blog gets. All you have to do if shine your light and let God or the universe worry about the hows and the whens. Really all you have to do is be happy and take action when you are led.

Take Craig’s advise on meditation, it makes this go much smoother and easier. It’s not hard to love the world, just do it and magic will happen in your life. I promise.

Craig’ closing comments:  To shine our light is so important.  Michelle  has given us some insightful, easy to understand, ways to do so.  Thank you so much Michelle for sharing.

Oneness Is Magical and Much Deeper than We Think by Craig Kimbrough(today at


Today I have the wonderful pleasure of doing a guest post at Michelle Dobbins DailyAlchemy. Com  Her blog focuses on bringing magic into our lives.  I am sharing a video I made years ago on such a thing in the light of meditational magic.  Please take a moment to stop by, watch the video, and browse around at

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Positive Thought (Rember that this world a magical place, waiting on you to move into your own personal miracles)

Buddha Tooth Relic & Museum, Singapore

My good friend and meditation student Aaron, watched the movie Australia again the other day, and has been talking about it quite a bit.  It’s been a while since I have seen the movie, and I have forgotten a lot of the insights in it, but I loved it when I saw it.  One of the things Aaron mentioned was how when the native people wanted to do their magic, they had a ritual where they would sing to themselves.  I did not remember this aspect of the movie, but I loved the idea.  I loved the idea that we can actively move into magical miracles.

It reminded me that I had a situation going on in my life in which I needed magic or a miracle to occur and it is time for me to use my magic.  It is time for me to raise my vibration, meditate more, think back on incredible experiences, listen to some of my CD lessons from the past, and chant my mantra in my mind throughout the day.  I was also reminded of the many times I have seen miraculous results in my life from doing such things.  In a nutshell I was reminded that this world is wonderful and magical, and anything is possible and now is the time to prove it once again.



on following God and the Universe

Clouds over Tahoe HDR #1
Clouds over Tahoe HDR #1 (Photo credit: Bill Strong)

When following God and the Universe we live happily in the moment

When following God and the Universe we are exactly where we need to be

When following God and the Universe we think about your lessons

When following God and the Universe we see and pay attention to the signs

When following God and the Universe we concern ourselves less with the outcome, popularity, perceived success, and more with doing what needs to be done

When following God and the Universe look for God’s harmony

When following God and the Universe we have patience with our fellow man

When following God and the Universe take we tatke time for quiet and meditation

When following God and the Universe we are true to ourselves

When following God and the Universe we are one

When following God and the Universe. . .



Positive Thought For Today (Find yourself a teacher after whom you need no other)


ind yourself a teacher that can show you how to meditate on the cosmic vibration, travel to the higher regions within yourself, and get the answers from within.  Once you can travel within sufficiently, have the sights of the invisible, and understand what you are seeing, you learn the rest from God within.

From the book Wise Words, by Craig Kimbrough

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