Today’s Positive Thought (our meetings are often more than just chance encounters)

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Today I was contacted on Facebook from an old classmate that I think very highly of.  He was an upper classmate who just happened to have the same last name as me.   He had just met my wife earlier today, and in conversation found out I that I was her husband.  I never use Facebook and have been avoiding it for years.   I guess I have to admit that I have viewed it somewhat negatively for me a grown married man with kids and businesses, to waste time with.  “What Mr. Positive ambassador thinking so negatively?”  Yes it happens from time to time. I always told myself I would use Facebook when the time comes that I have to, mainly for MeditativeZone and PositiveAmbassador.Org.   I have always wondered if it could be helpful with the positive movement.

One day I made a page for and put it up as Meditativezone Meditativezone.  That page has a few friends who have found me, but all I do on it is confirm friend invitations when they come, no other activity.  I always knew in the back of my mind that one day I would probably end up using facebook for real.  My joke had been “I will be the last person on Facebook, the last hold out.”  Well, as I said, my old classmate contacted me and said some very nice things about me and my wife in a timeline, and for the first time, I have decided maybe I should respond through Facebook and join the rest of the world.  As my thoughts went in this direction.  I thought “no one has found my Craig Kimbrough page all this time, this is no coincidence that it is happening now, I guess now is the time to let go of my biases and hangups in this area of my world.”   Then I opened up my first book that I wrote years ago to a page that said Know that when you meet people, this may not be your first encounter, you have met again to give to and teach one-another.  I thought to myself  “that is what happened today, I ran into my friend Alex through Facebook to grow a little, and let go of my Facebook prejudices.”


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  1. Any given community consists of a wide spectrum of peoples, ideas, activities. If we seek it, we’ll find our niche I suppose. Happy that you found yours.

    Peace, Eric

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