Today’s Positive Thought (Bridging the gap… What is Satsang? Why is it important?)


Today I thought I would give my definition of a term often used in meditation circles.  That term is called Satsang

Satsang is the true company; being in the company of the teacher or those who meditate to move beyond the illusion of this world.  The illusion is the idea that what we see with our material eyes is all there is, and there is no magic and mystery behind the world.  Being in satsang helps us to move beyond such limiting thoughts and experiences.  Being in satsang can include reading books, listening to talks on spiritual life, having conversations with or being in the actual presence of such people who are actively moving behind the illusion. 

When we are in satsang we become more attuned to eternal life and the beauty of this world.  We begin to realize that this moment is the eternal moment, and we find God in all situations and conditions.  The cares and worries that arise from false company (the company of those who focus on the material for the sake of ego) seem to fade away during satsang.  In the meditative life the idea is to have satsang as often as possible.  This makes our meditations much deeper, and allows us to enjoy life much more.


Today’s Positive Thought (Recognize and move on your spiritual information)

If you are an inquisitive person and very sincere in wanting answers and information in your world, there will come times when you get what I call spiritual information.  When I speak on being very sincere in getting answers I mean that getting the answer must be so important that it means more to you than hanging on to old ideas, or fitting in, or being accepted.  Once again if you move into this place at any given point, you will have spiritual information come your way.

often when it comes, it comes in way that is very surprising and somewhat other worldly.  It may come in a dream but when it comes it really strikes you and makes you feel like the dream was real on some level and trying to tell you something.  The dream may even feel so good that the feeling is way beyond what would be your normal experience of feeling good. It may be that you get an idea, and right in the midst of this idea the whole world seems different.  You could be in a situation and all of a sudden, you feel like you are being told something.   What you are being told may come over the radio or be relayed in conversation by someone, but it seems as though it is talking directly to what is on your mind.  You may find that what you are going through at a given time might seem to tie into something else quite perfectly, and you can’t believe the way it fits together.  While all of this is happening it’s like you are there, but not there, perhaps like you are looking at the situation from afar. The world may even seem to slow down as the information comes your way.

These are times to take notice.  The Universe is getting your attention.  If you have had ideas or information come in such ways, think back and ask yourself  “did I move on them?  Did I act in light of this wonderful spiritual information?” If not, revisit and act.   Over the years I have learned that when such things happen the incredible sensations that come at the time are signs that we should really pay attention and realize we are viewing from a higher place.


Today’s Positive Thought (think back on incredible successes and miraculous changes and know that they can happen again if you choose to remember)

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


thought (Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker)

This morning I found myself laying in the bed worrying about my son.  We all want the best for our children and there is one area of challenge with one of my children that can worry me from time to time.   For a moment I felt helpless and was about to move into agony.  I decided to get up and meditate and write.  I found myself reading in and editing my newest book I presently am working on.  The book is about realizing the fact that you are in Heaven, right here, right now and forever, and living in light of this fact.  As I opened up to a chapter on transcending karma, I found myself reading a story about how my life miraculously changed once I got the lesson at hand.  This all happened during one of the most challenging times of my life.

As I looked back on this time, I thought about how incredible my life became, and how I was lifted out of a most challenging situation and placed into a another situation that I could not even have dreamed of.  I also remembered how my changing my way of looking at the situation I was originally in seemed to usher me into a whole new level of life.  In the midst reading and remembering, I suddenly felt wonderfully good, no longer worried about my son.  I knew I would do the same thing in this situation.  I would embrace it and get the lesson, whatever it may be, and God will do the rest.  Right in the midst of all of this going on in my head, I began to see my lesson at hand in relation to my son, and I felt extremely good, magically in touch with the Universe.  The next thing I knew I had more answers to other questions on other endeavors in my world.   My next thought was I need to write about this in my blog.  I need to remind my friends to look back on those incredible successes and miraculous changes in their lives.  We have all had some.  When we think back on them we have to know they were given to us for us to look back on and learn from and experience similar unbelievable successes once again.

Today’s Positive Thought (As we move further along we know what to do when and what comes first, second, third, and fourth in each situation)

English: Nymans Garden-Ode to a Grecian Urn. A...

English: Nymans Garden-Ode to a Grecian Urn. A daffodil crowded English garden, sun and shade, a bench and a stone urn to meditate. This is a perfect thought nook. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we meditate more and move further along the path, we know what to do when and what comes first, second, third, and fourth in each situation.  We become so in tune that what we want is what the universe wants for us.  Also as we begin to see ourselves more as an instrument of God one with the universe we become much more powerful, not concerned so much with how are things going to work out for us.  At the same time things tend to work well for us without much effort because of our giving and being in our proper place.  The more you give the more you receive. The more you are the ‘you’ the universe intended you to be, and do what you love for the love of it, the more you forget about yourself.  From the book What If My Soul Is Eternal And Heaven Is Everywhere By Craig Kimbrough

In Summary:  The more we meditate and clear our minds the less we have to figure out.  The answers will just show up and we will be able to act much more freely.

Today’s Positive Thought (pay attention to the signs)

Funny signs

Funny signs (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

What would life life be like if we drove down the street not paying attention to the signs?  As we drive down the street of life we must do the same.  Pay attention.

A friend and meditation student asked me whether I would send out a free short mini audio lesson from Sunday’s talk.  One of my meditation students who is a hard core rap artist tells me “Yo Craig I don’t know how to tell you this but as I listened to you talking on the video, I was just chllin listening to your voice, thinking he has a great voice.”  I have a others on Youtube who keep asking when is the next video coming?  I keep reminding myself in different ways that although I love writing, I think I love giving talks even more.  I keep getting the same message over and over, telling me that I need to do and share more audio and video.  I guess now I have to ask myself “what kind of person am I going to be, someone who believes in signs or miracles, or someone who just believes things just happen by chance? ”   Time to send out more audio and video.  I must pay attention to the signs.

What kind of signs might you be getting these days?


Today’s Positive Thought ( Think of yourself as the light. Be a positive ambassador, spreading peace and love everywhere you go.)


Sun (Photo credit: DBduo Photography)

Today while I was out, I saw an old classmate of mine who I would find myself thinking about from time to time.  I would think about him from time because our last meeting was not that good.  Due to a misunderstanding, I was not as nearly as friendly as I could have been at our last meeting.  I can still remember his facial expression during the encounter.  It seemed to haunt me from time to time.  Well today while I was out with my wife, I saw him from a distance and was pretty sure he had not seen me yet.  I immediately got up and walked over to him.  As I got close I felt like he did not want to see me or have me come up to him.  It was all over his face.  I kept walking right up to him and shook his hand telling him how good it was to see him.  It was my way of saying “I am sorry, I see you as a friend and I truly have nothing but goodwill for you.”  He dropped his guard and became his friendly self, and we laughed and talked.  I could tell my gesture allowed him to let go of any ill feelings he may of had towards me.

After leaving, I thought back on seeing my friend today.  I could have easily avoided him, but this was not the positive way.  I wanted him to know that I only thought good of him and was sorry for my previous actions.  My point is, this is what my life is about, spreading peace and love everywhere we go.  My message for today, that I opened up to randomly, comes out of my first book What If My Soul Is Eternal and Heaven Is Everywhere?  Page 100 It said ” See yourself as the light.  Picture The Light Pouring Out of You Everywhere You Go In All Situations.”

Peace and blessings


“The Kingdom of Heaven Is Spread Upon The Earth But Men Do Not See It.” (Ancient words for truly living and enjoying here and now.)

English: Gospel of Thomas or maybe gnostic Gos...

English: Gospel of Thomas or maybe gnostic Gospel of Peter (see talk page). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Years ago I got the same message from the same passage from two different sources in the same day.  First I heard it in from Joseph Campbell in an interview with Bill Moyers.  Then I saw it in the Movie Stigmata.  It came from the Thomas Gospel, dug up in 1945.  It is an ancient text reported by many scholars to be the closest to the original words of Jesus.  The words were absolutely fascinating and changed my life.

The people were asking Jesus “when will the kingdom come, this kingdom of heaven you are talking about?”  Jesus replied “the kingdom of Heaven is spread upon the earth but men do not see it.”  I said “wait, spread upon the earth.”  Up until this point I thought Heaven was when I was in deep meditation, traveling deep within, seeing magnificent sights.  But now I was being challenged to see my whole world as Heaven.  Always loving a spiritual challenge. I decided to put it to the test.

I looked for the good everywhere I went.  Even if a situation was bad to me initially, I began to ask” how is God and The Universe trying to hook me up in ways that I can’t see at the moment?”  As I leaned into this idea more and more, my whole world changed.  I looked for harmony everywhere I went.  In time I could see how things were magically put together, just for me.  As I went through my days I would talk to God in my mind asking questions and wait to see the answers show up in my world. Some days I would thank God and the Universe for anything I could think of.  The tire not going flat on the way to get my kids from school, anything!   My life became a daily adventure to see how many ways could I see my world as Heaven.   Within a short period of time my whole world changed.   I had more money, a great relationship, I loved my house, the kids loved the house, my kids were happy, I was happy, I was finally writing my first book, I was on a spiritual high.  This was just after my second divorce.  It could have been a depressing time, instead, it was a whole new wonderful beginning.


Today’s Positive Thought (Take Your Time But Make Haste)

Field visit in Punjab, India

Field visit in Punjab, India (Photo credit: CGIAR Climate)

Right now I have a lot of things I would like to see done or more complete.    I had been thinking in a mode that my teacher Mr. Ambrister used to share with me.  He used to say “make haste while the sun is still shinning.”  Well that is what I have been trying to do.   The problem is I want to do big things, I lot of big things, in a relatively short time.  Then this morning I opened up Wise Words, the second book I wrote years ago, looking for my message for today.  The page I opened up to randomly was page 48.  This is what it read.


ork on what you’re planning, but don’t get stressed out about it.  Do a little bit each day towards whatever you are working on.  The real making haste is the meditation.  When we meditate, when we get centered and contact our higher self, we get all sorts of ideas and information that would normally pass over us.  Also, we’re able to see the situation more completely within, enabling us to have more faith when we only see part of the picture outside.  At the same time we’re less attached to the outcome.  This allows us to attract the desired situation in our lives much quicker without us worrying about it not arriving or being controlled by it when does arrive.  Instead of repelling the situation with doubts and attachments, we attract the situation with more faith and non attachment by going within.

On the spiritual path, this making haste is most important, because it gets us more grounded in the spiritual regions, furthering our growth while dematerializing us. (It makes us more identified with our soul.)

Take Your Time But Make Haste


Craig Kimbrough

Wise Words

Today’s Positive Thought (“What Kind of Person Are You? Do You believe in signs and miracles or things just happen by chance?”)

Signs (film)

Signs (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last Sunday I was sending out a lesson to the Enlightenment members of the MeditativeZone Community and it did not work.  For a moment this was frustrating because the lesson seemed to be the perfect lesson to go out.  The people who were there in person really liked the class and so did I.  But somehow I believe I must have erased it.  I don’t know.  I decided instead to send out an old lesson from years ago.  It became obvious from the response and letters that I received, that old lesson I sent as a substitute was truly the one meant to go out.  Below is a 3.5 minute glimpse version of this lesson.  I hope you enjoy it.