Today’s Positive Thought (It’s Gonna Be Easy!)

Sailing Boats at Looe

Sailing Boats at Looe (Photo credit: jonl1973)

Today’s positive thought comes from the second book I wrote Wise Words To A Metaphysical Way of Being and Miracles in Your Life.  It is my reminder and message for today and I thought I would  share it with you.  

It’s Gonna Be Easy 

There would be many times when my teacher and I would be discussing something that I had to do which would appear difficult or sometimes even impossible to accomplish.  He would always explain to me that whatever needed to be done would be accomplished.  He would always conclude by saying, “And Craig, it’s gonna be easy”.

When he told me this, I would be reminded that the seemingly impossible is going to be easily accomplished once I meditate deeply, remain open-minded, and keep my mind on the higher things.  This higher way of practicing and understanding would allow God to work through me and the people in my world. Once we get our personal self out the way, the rest is always quite easy.

4 Replies to “Today’s Positive Thought (It’s Gonna Be Easy!)”

  1. Jill Thomas

    Craig has become one of favorite spiritual teachers because he shares real life situations that he has transformed by elevating his consciousness. Thank you Craig.

  2. dmdobbins98

    Love this! I have an easy button I bought from Staples. So fun to play with and remind myself that it can be easy. I even brought it to our house closing and pressed it when we signed the papers. The lawyer looked at me like I was nuts, but I didn’t mind. 🙂


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