Today’s Positive Thought (“and things will come your way”)

Under the Tuscan Sun (film)

Under the Tuscan Sun (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the movie Under The Tuscan Sun there was a marvelous quote.  It says, “You have to live spherically in many directions and never lose your childhood enthusiasm, and things will come your way.”  This is so true.  We often hear people talking about living your dharma or according to your nature.  “Do what you love and the rest will follow.”  I do agree.  But often we have more than one way of expression.  We should take time for as many of the ways the Universe wants to express through us as possible.

When I first opened up my bookstore and started teaching meditation classes in it, part of the goal was to close my gutter and window cleaning business and only deal with the spirituality, meditation classes, books etc.  I thought it was a natural spiritual progression.

One day when I was thinking about how to quit my gutter and window business, it seemed like everywhere I went my customers kept telling me how much they appreciated us and how it seemed like we were sent by God.  This pattern seemed to happen more and more often, with customers saying “I hope you guys stay in business so we can keep using you.”  In time I realized that I love both, and must take time for all my interests, and keep both businesses.  The more I embraced having both enthusiastically, the happier and more blessed I have been.


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