When Tomorrow Becomes Today All Your Dreams Come True

Sun Rise over Sydney
Sun Rise over Sydney (Photo credit: glennharper)

The other day I found myself listening a song that I love, called Maybe Tomorrow, by Stereophonics.  I played it over and over.  The message was “maybe tomorrow I’ll find my way home.”  I liked the message as I thought about how I needed to find my way in certain areas of my life.  Then I remembered that it can’t be tomorrow.  I can’t have that mentality.  Tomorrow never comes.  When you wake up tomorrow, it is today.  And you say “maybe tomorrow.”  Then I remembered a quote that went something like, “it’s not until tomorrow becomes today that we reach our dream.”  So I told myself “tomorrow has to become today.”  As I thought about this, I thought about how I must move into my desired experience now.

Later that same day, I was watching the movie Stand Up Guys.  At one point one of the two gangsters realized he had to take care of business.  He had to do something for his grand-daughter that was hard to do, but really needed doing.   His friend asks him, when is he going to do it?  He responds, “tomorrow.”

Later in the movie, this same guy changes his mind and does what he has to do right away. His friend says “I thought you said you were going to do it tomorrow?”  The hero replies “yea, well tomorrow just became today.

I could not believe it.  He said the same exact words I was thinking earlier, tomorrow now becomes today. It was like a message from above saying, “you are free.  Move into where you want to be now.”  I already knew this is what I must do, but this made it much deeper.  It was confirmation that the whole Universe heard me and replied, “if you move in that direction right now, even if it may seem far off, you will be there right now.”

To all my wonderful friends, get moving right now, and make tomorrow today.



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